What Is Wrong With My Papillon??

I own a papillon have now for a year and he is a brat!! He gets into a mood and will go lay down and refuse to come out. He will pee on my floor even though he is trained and has been for a year now. He refuses to show me love but has no problem showing any stranger lots of love. Why does he do this and what should I do????? Please help me I am being very serious and do not want to get rid of him.

One thought on “What Is Wrong With My Papillon??”

  1. Has he been neutered? If not, he could be marking his territory inside.
    Otherwise, it sounds like you just have a moody dog. I have a Pekingese that is much the same, but we have a really good relationship and he is trained to listen to me.
    You may need to reinforce your relationship with your dog. If he doesn’t know simple tricks like Sit, Down, etc. now would be the perfect time to teach him. Make sure that you are not yelling at him or hitting him because he may take that negatively and not respond well to you at all.
    By training him, you will be helping your relationship with him and he will come to respect you more. Also, try and schedule some time where you and he can be alone each day. If only for a 10-minute quick grooming with a brush down then a quick game of fetch. This 10 minutes will make him happy with you and will help improve your relationship.
    Good luck!

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