What Is The Best Way To Train My 3 Year Old Papillon To Stop Barking Constantly?

My Papillon is a 3 year old male and he barks at EVERYTHING! Guests coming to the door, other animals outside, other people/animals walking down our street, he looks out the windows in the living room and barks when there’s nothing there! He barks when we come home, when we leave! He barks at the SLIGHTEST little sounds! What can I do to limit him to barking once or twice or not at all when NOT NEEDED? He also jumps on everyone who comes in the door! HELP! Please, no suggestions that would harm or be considered cruel to any animal!

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  1. It sounds to me like you need to socialize your dog. When you are out with him on a leash and he starts barking at something, make a short sharp sound like uh uh! and turn and walk in the other direction. Consistency is key! I would suggest either watching “Its me or the dog” or checking out the website on animal planet. Victoria Stillwell has been training dogs for over 10 years and she really knows what she’s doing. Also, http://www.perfectpaws.com/bark.html has some great tips for teaching a “stop barking” command. Good luck with your dog; remember consistency and patience are your best friends!

  2. She is being a watch dog. When she barks at guests when they come to the door I would consider that Okay if it were my dog, as long as she is freindly when they come into the house. The worst thing you can do is to give her any sort of attention when she barks, even if it’s driving you nuts. A proffesional trainer should be able to help and make sure she gets a tone of excersize. Even though he’s little he should get a long walk every day. My grandma’s five poud yorkie loves long walks!
    Hope this helps
    Girl who knows cool stuff

  3. Praise him when he’s quiet.
    Randomly and frequently, praise and give him a treat only for being silent.
    Right now, you are paying more attention to the barking because it’s driving you insane. Everytime you react to the barking (even negative reactions) you reinforce the barking.
    Ignore him and he’ll quit. Eventually.
    Put 10 pennies in a soda can and tape it shut. When he starts up, shake the can sharply, praise him when he’s quiet. (The loud sound will distract him momentarily, quickly praise him for quiet) If you start saying “enough” as you shake the can, eventually the voice command will be enough to make him quit.
    Bored dogs are noisy. Papillions are a high energy breed. For all their small, they need lots of exersize and something to do. Consider starting agility or some other “sport”.
    Get toys that dispense food as he plays with them. Get a few different styles. Kong can be filled with food and frozen making a perfect distraction from barking.
    Good luck.

  4. Are there any health issues?
    What are you feeding your dog? Do some research on how dog food effects a dogs behavior.
    Is your dog getting enough physical exercise?
    How about mental stimulation? Papillons are smart and love to play games.
    I recommend not letting the dog look out the window and manage the negative stimulation that makes him bark.
    reward for when the dgo is not barking. Try to give it soem peanut butter ( jsut a littel bit) when guest come to make it a bit harder to bark.

  5. Couple of thoughts. Deal with the underlying behavioral issue that is causing the barking. I can’t help you there, no one here can, cause we can’t see your dog.
    Talk to a trainer, read some books and learn about how dogs learn new behaviors. You could try a spray collar to interrupt the barking behavior but you have to then train the dog to do something else. Just getting a dog to stop a behavior does not necessarily get it to do something else appropriate.
    You need to reward the dog for not barking basically. The dog barks, you say thanks, that’ll do, and ask the dog to sit and give it a treat. Distract the dog, and redirect the dog.
    You’re talking about dog training and if you don’t have a good handle on it you may just end up scaring the dog or have no success and become frustrated.

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