Do You Love Your Dogs Like I Do?

I have recently been receiving hate mail from a user on this board, currently using a name something like Much Inferior or something like that 😛 calling me names because I show my dogs love. This person thinks that anyone that LOVES their dogs is weak minded. Here is an exert from my latest hate mail:
You are INCOMPETENT to judge the truth & your pitiful attempts at preventing others from seeing are truly pathetic & sad.Just because you need the facts minced into mush,soaked in syrup & spoon-fed,doesn’t mean you can force your pablum on the rest of humankind.
This because I love my dogs.
I do not let them run wild. They are well trained and ne is a show dog. They are well cared for, eat better quality food than I do, and are a delight to be around. My vet always has nothing but good things to say about their behavior and health. They know their boundaries; misbehavior is dealt with appropriately.
I do not force them to wear clothes, nor do I carry the Papillons around in a purse. They do sleep in bed with me.
I give them hugs and kisses and they make me smile. I tell them I love them often, and show them even MORE often.
So I ask…Do you love your dogs in the same way? If not, what do you do differently?
In my opinion, anyone that doesn’t LOVE their dog doesn’t need to have one. Find another hobby. You don’t have to CODDLE them… I don’t… but I darned sure LOVE them.

How Do You Correct Your Dog And What Are Correct Discipline Methods?

*asked again for more answers*
I’ve heard a few people say all physical discipline to animals should be avoided, and on the other side of the spectrum I hear some physical discipline is ok.
I would really like to know a correct method, or at least what other’s do.
I’ve always trained my dogs myself with basic commands and some “etiquette”. To correct any unwanted behavior, I would give them a sharp verbal correction or roll them on their backs. I’ve done this with my yorkie, husky, lab/pit mix, and papillon and have never had behavioral problems with them.
Is this an acceptable method?

What Has Your Experience Been With Your Papillon?

If you have, have had or know a Papillon, what has your experience with the breed been like? I have a 9 month old who I’ve had for 6 months. He’s wonderful and absolutely everything I could ask for- no bad habits, easy to train and very loyal and affectionate.
Also, does anyone know a good place online (other than cafepress) to get breed specific merchandise like decorations, clothes, etc.?