Problem With Breeder Distance…. Help? (question Is Long.. .but Please Read It.. Thanks.)?

So, a Pap breeder contacted me saying that she had a 9 month old male that she was willing to sell to me. Here is the first email I got from her:
I saw you posted to the group and that you were or are looking for a pap for agility… I think I may have what you are looking for if you are looking for a male that is. Ringo is a beautiful Red and white with a black mask and boy is he fast.
Ringo is about 9 months old and has lots of energy. I breed only once in awhile and the sire to this little guy is only 5 pts away from his AKC championship.
His grandsire was an import and is a champion , international champion.
I emailed back:
I did want a female, but it doesn’t really matter- male will work! He looks great, how old is he?
I’m in Michigan… where abouts are you located?
She emailed back:
Ringo is about 9 months old, knows how to use the doggie door. He loves to run, he loves to love men, he is now playing with my new puppies which are 9 weeks oops breeding, another story there.
I am in Enid, Oklahoma and I do ship and I have never had any trouble with air travel. I ship Delta, continental ..the cost of shipping is $275 unless you want to fly down and pick him up at the airport, which some people do.
If you want him on a limited registration I will sell him for $500, full Registration is $900.
He would make a great agility dog for sure. I just haven’t had the time or energy to sit and train them correctly. If you want to call me and talk about him my phone number is 580-242-1893.
He is up todate on shots, and he is on heart worm protection..
What do you think?
Some of the things she says… she doesn’t have the time to train them, she advertised on Puppyfind, and she had an oops breeding… makes me a bit weary of her…
I can’t go and check out her kennel or I would. (She lives in OK, I live in MI). I am going to email as many questions as possible, and I will call before buying, if I do.
I know most rep. breeders don’t use Puppyfind, but I’ve seen one or two that did…
What do you think? There’s no website for me to check out about her, I tried Googling “Shari’s Klassy Papillons”, and I got nothing.

What Is With My Dog’s Obsessive Licking?

I have two dogs, a female Papillon and a male Yorkie. Both have great behavior. They listen, they are house trained, and there is no aggression.
That is, until the morning. I’m not a fan of dog slobber, so I often don’t let them lick very much. But a few mornings I wanted to see what would happen. When I wake up, my Papillon loves to lick my face as if to clean it! If my Yorkie comes over to lick my face, my Papillon will block him, growl, and in some case bare her teeth and nip him. After she drives him to the end of the bed or off the bed, she seems to have the need to re-lick my face!
Why do my dogs do this when it comes to licking my face (and why do they feel the need to lick my face in the morning!)

Anyone Have Any Experience With Papillons?

Those cute little butterfly dogs? The ones that look like bat-dog.
My family wants to adopt a puppy but we dont know what breed. Me and my sister have recently been fighting over mini pinschers and mini poodles.
There are problems with both though. Miniture pinschers dont seem like good dogs for first-time owners and the poodle fur seems really hard to manage. Plus, my sister just doesnt like them.
We have recently turned our attention towards other breeds and Papillons seem like really nice dogs. However I dont want to buy one without asking for opinions from real people.
What do you think? Do they shed a lot? Are they easy to train? Housetrain? What was your experience?

Problems With Housebreaking My Puppy?

Ok, so here’s the story. She’s 50% Beagle, 25% Papillon, and 25% Pekingese. Her name is Sweet P., and she’s a female dog that is now nine months old. Don’t think we haven’t tried housebreaking her before this — we sure have.
When we first got her, around 7 weeks old, we placed “Puppy Pads” around the house, which apparently have a scent that dogs can smell, and it basically beckons for them to pee on it. It worked at first, and we always rewarded her with small treats — kibble, chunks of cheese, meat, and other things.
Then, after a few weeks, she started going to the bathroom RIGHT next to the pads. We would scold her, put her on the pad, and clean the mess. But she kept inching further and further away from the pad until she felt she could “go” anywhere she wanted to. Of course we kept scolding her. At this time, her brother was already transferring to newspaper.
After a while, people started telling us to let her go to the bathroom outside, being that it was getting warmer. We kept pads and newspapers spread everywhere in the house, hoping she would just not be able to find another place, while we brought her outside. At this time, it was mid-spring, and warm enough for us to be able to sit outside for hours at a time.
We hooked her up to a large pully system, so she can go throughout the backyard, up the small hill in our yard, up to the half-way point of the driveway that no one uses. She was basically aloud to roam all over the property, she was just on a leash. Anyway, we would sit outside with her, and a bowl of water she could access, and play with her a bit. But even if we stayed out there with her for 2 or 3 hours at a time, she didn’t go. She would wait as soon as we got indoors, and then do her business. We scolded her, brought her back outside, and sat for another hour, as she just looked at us. She thinks that the house is her potty, and the yard is her playground. I don’t know how to teach her differently!
We’ve tried lightly pushing her into her squating position, but she’ll just stand back up and walk away. We’ve tried not bringing toys out there, and not interacting with her. We can’t leave her alone, because she has a bit of separation anxiety, and if she’s left alone, she’ll sit at the door and whine. Nothing has worked. Out of all the time we’ve been training with her, she’s probably only “gone” outside 5 times. We praise her then, but it doesn’t connect that she’s meant to do this always.
At this point, I’m exhausted. The weather is turning much colder, and we can’t stay outside for lengthy amounts of time. Just today, I sat outside with her for an hour, and when we got indoors, she promptly squatted. I heard on the TV show “It’s Me Or The Dog”, that some people used a “Pee pole”, which smells like urine, and entices a dog to urinate on the post. Should we try that? I’m at my wits end. I love her to death, the only problem she really has is housebreaking. Should we ask our vet for advice next week when we get her fixed? Will that surgery make any differance in house training? I just need advice on what to do, she takes after me, being hard-headed and all.
If you can help, offer your advice, or similar stories, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a ton.

Are Papillons Good With Pugs Or Any Other Dog Breed?

i have a pug and was thinking about getting a pap becuz i think they are so adorable but my mom and dad say that i should get a med. sized dog cuz the pug is sorta a handful. i heard the paps are very smart and the rank #8 on the top ten smartest dog breed list i just need to kno if the can get house trained as easy as most pple say.
what are some other thing that the papillon can offer into the family? are the yappy, do they have aggression problems. plz inform me becuz i rlly rlly want one. im very responsible with my pug. i live in a apartment with a yard in the front. and if there are any web-sites i can go to for more info plz post them to. it would rlly mean a lot.

Puppy With A Rash?

I have a female papillon, coming up on 4months old. For I guess the last week or so she’s has a red, flakey rash on the lower part of her stumoch just before her vulva. I mentioned it when at the vet getting her final vaccines *i think* and she took a look, commented that her vulva was large for such a small dog, and didn’t seem too concerned. I put it out of my mind while we got to discussing house training and never really got the chance to bring it back up. I’m just sort of wondering what it might be and if there’s anything I could do for her, because she deffinantly appears to be itchy *you know, licking and chewing lightly on the area*
Like I said, we’ve been to the vet, who didn’t seem too concerned. I’d just like to know.

Should I Borrow My Parents Older House Trained Dog To Help With My Puppies?

Ok here goes… I have three… count them 1…2…3 puppies currently residing at my home. There are two husky puppies that are 10 wks old and a papillon that is six months old. I’ve had dogs all my life, it’s just been a while since I had to deal with puppies. I’m working on house breaking them right now… all of them. My parents have an eight year old dachshund mix who has been (obviously) housebroken for years. Should I ask them if I can borrow Grettel (dachshund) for a couple days so they can see how it’s done?
I’m in training to be a dog trainer… so they’re well behaved, all three sit, stay, come, and lay down on command… they’re just having trouble with the going potty in the house.
I know I need to buy crates…
I know that is a lot of puppies… trust me… I used to run a rescue center with my family in California… this is nothing for me… I just need some advise.

Problems With My Papillon. Please Helpp?

Boomer my papillon is a pure bread dog. Or so I though… When I got him, I was told that he was 18 months, and when I took him to the vet, I was then told that he is closer to 3-5 years, and also imbread back down the line.. something with his grandma…
I fell in love with my boomer, he is so sweet. I asked a question before about him, because he is hard to train.. I was told by a dog trainer that its the imbreeding.
Now my problem is he doesn’t quite understand his toys. Isn’t sure what to do with them.. He would will run and play keep away from me and my boyfriends kitty. And he will play with our clothes, anything he can find. Sometimes he will run in the bedroom and come out dragging a shirt thats twice his size. He couldnt care less about a ball, chew toy, rope toy, or anything…. just clothes.
I tried smaller balls to fit his mouth better, but he just doesn’t care.
How do I get him to want to play with his toys, not chew my clothes…

Help With Litter Box Training My Puppy?

I just got a puppy papillon a day ago and i desided to litter box train it because i heard it pays off in the long run, i’ve been watching her constantly, i have her gated off in my kitchen so she can not get anywhere else unless i let her out. she has her littler box in there along with newspapers, when i catch her in the action of going i pick her up and set her in there, but i have to hold her, she will not pee in there though, by the time i pick her up she is done, she is only 3 months old. any help? thanks