Adult Dog Needs To Be Re-potty Trained… Help!?

I have a two and a half year old papillon. I recently moved back in with my parents. Ever since we moved in their home she wont stop going to the bathroom in the house. At my house she was fine and always went out side. But now no matter how many times we let her out side she still goes in. She will come in from out side and then with in minuets go in the house. At my parents house she has a much bigger back yard, and often likes to go out side. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Crate Trained Dog Keeps Peeing On Things After Just Being Let Out?

My boyfriend has a Papillon that is just over a year old and has been neutered for about 3 months. He’s been cage trained since he was a pup. He always goes to the restroom when he goes outside. The dog is so infuriating though because we will have just let him out to pee and not 30 minutes later he’s peeing on the floor. We scold him and he goes right back in his crate, but he never seems to learn.
Here’s a recent example; The dog stays in his crate while we are at work. As soon as I got home I let him out to pee, he goes about his business no problem, and I leave him out in the kitchen to play. I play with him with his squeaky bone and keep an eye on him. Not 40 minutes after having gone out to pee he stops out for the middle of nowhere and pisses all over the floor. We know he does not have a urinary tract infection and he already peed a ton outside so I have no idea what the problem is. He gets scolded with “Bad dog”, “no” and is put back in his crate.
Btw do not mention taking him outside after he has already peed on the floor, this doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Should I Borrow My Parents Older House Trained Dog To Help With My Puppies?

Ok here goes… I have three… count them 1…2…3 puppies currently residing at my home. There are two husky puppies that are 10 wks old and a papillon that is six months old. I’ve had dogs all my life, it’s just been a while since I had to deal with puppies. I’m working on house breaking them right now… all of them. My parents have an eight year old dachshund mix who has been (obviously) housebroken for years. Should I ask them if I can borrow Grettel (dachshund) for a couple days so they can see how it’s done?
I’m in training to be a dog trainer… so they’re well behaved, all three sit, stay, come, and lay down on command… they’re just having trouble with the going potty in the house.
I know I need to buy crates…
I know that is a lot of puppies… trust me… I used to run a rescue center with my family in California… this is nothing for me… I just need some advise.

I Have A Yorkie That Is Paper Trained (easier For Mom Who Had A Stroke).?

I adopted a 5 -year old chihuahua/papillon mix today from the shelter, and I’ll get to bring her home Friday after she is spayed. She doesn’t appear to be housebroken, and I’m not sure if I should try to paper train her like the other dog or try to train her to go outside. Any suggestions? Also – any suggestions on helping the dogs become friends?

I Clicker Trained My Dog To Fear Obeying Commands And Treats?

Help! I have a 9 month old Papillon and he’s extremely intelligent. I taught him the few commands that he knows in one training session each. He’s very bright and learns quickly.
I recently got a clicker to train him further. However, after only using it about 4 times (meaning 4 clicks) he got scared of the sound and therefore the treat that followed! Now if I tell him to sit or do anything he’s hesitant because he is scared that a loud sound will follow.
I’ve never used treats as a reward for him before- only toys. The toys have worked very well. Is there hope for clicker training him? I know it’s a very effective training method so I’d like to make it work.

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