How Can I Train My Shy Dog To Do The Weave Poles?

We’ve been at this for a LONG time, but its realy hard. He LOVES to do the rest of the agility stuff..he doesnt play with toys, so he goes all out when we do agility. When someone goes to pick him up, he yelps..hes not hurt or anything, just realy skittish. He is well socialized, but we think he might have been sat on by his mother when he was a pup. Oh, by the way, he’s a 4 year old papillon male. I would realy love to compete with him this summer, but we need to learn the weave poles.

Hyperactive Dog, Cant Train Him, Could Have Mental Issues?

i rescued and adopted a dog 4 months back, first he had seperation anxiety then he got over it, but he is just toooooo hyperactive, never gets tired, he plays with his rubber ball all by himself, takes it tosses in the air then catches it. He will be on the couch playing with the ball and it will fall on the floor 100times and 100times he will pick it up and make it fall the same way.
When i want to take him out for a walk as soon as he sees me taking the leash he gets so excited, so hyperactive he starts making these squeeking noises and just goes crazy. he doesnt listen to me, when he is on a leash he pulls like crazy and keeps going left and right, sometimes he has accidents in the house even though he knows where he has to go.
if i am walking him and he sees a child he goes crazy and starts barking like mad. when i come home from work my other dog greets me normally, wagging her tail and all happy but he, he goes jumping in my mouth, jumping alll over me, trying to knock me over, just jumping like mad.
i want to calm him down, train him but its impossible, cant afford a trainer atm but id like to know what i can do to calm him down (no medications) and why is he acting like this, is it normal or is there some mental issues?my other dog does not act like this at all. he is a very loving dog and i love him to bits but id like to calm him down especially when ppl come over.
btw he is a papillon, about 1.7yrs old

Should I Kennel Train?

I’m getting a Papillon soon (within a few weeks) and she’ll be a puppy. I’ve heard good and bad things about kennel training. Plus I like having my dog on the bed with me. My last dog loved sleeping on the bed next to me, but it became a bit annoying when he’d take up the whole bed. He was pretty large though; this dog will be about the size of a Chihuahua.
So what should I do? Kennel training gives them security, but I think the bed would give a bit more… closeness, I guess, between me and the dog. But it might be dangerous if the dog falls off (I’ve heard about Paps breaking their legs from falling off beds and I have a very high bed). So what do you suggest? I just think kennels look so sad; I’d probably get over it, though, with some convincing.

I’ve Just Rescued A Mom & Her 2 Pups. I Need To Crate Train Them But I Have No Idea How Big A Crate I Need.

This is not a large-breed dog. The mom is a Papillon mix and the dad was a medium-sized poodle-mix. I’ve allowed the pups and mom to have free reign of the apartment, with disasterous results. I love having them sleep in bed with me at night, but the “accidents” all over the apartment are horrid. Mom’s mostly house-trained. I just don’t always read her signals right. And I’m gone sometimes for hours at a time. I don’t want to put them in separate crates, but I don’t know what the best size would be. I also don’t have all that much room in my apartment for a huge crate either. HELP!!!

Dog Acting Crazy When I Try And Train Him?

When I first started training my little Papillon, he was really good. It only took an hour and a half and he learned to shake paw, to lay down and to come here. I started out by giving him a small treat when he did what I asked, and then eventually stopped giving him treats and he still did what I asked. I worked with him for a couple months and now he’s got those commands perfect.
I recently started trying to teach him to sit. The first time I asked him to sit, he did it, but he got really upset. He started shaking like crazy and he ran away from me and hid behind the toilet. After I got him out from behind the toilet, he wouldn’t come near me for the rest of the night. I ask him to sit like once a day, I thought maybe once he got used to the word, and used to doing it then he would stop being afraid, but he hasn’t. He knows how to sit, but I have to ask him to sit 50 million times before he will do it because he is so upset and trying to get away from me. He won’t even take a treat after he sits, and he doesn’t care how much I praise him after he sits. After he runs away, I tell him to come here and he does, and then I ask him to sit until he does. He acts like I’m hurting him by trying to get him to sit. After he finally sits, I tell him to lay down or shake a paw, but by that point he’s so upset and wants nothing to do with me. And btw, I’ve never hurt him. He’s never been hurt by me. I’ve had him for like 7 months and he’s definitely used to me. He’s like my baby and always wants to be around me, so it confuses me that it scares him so much that he’d want to run away from me. And it’s not just me, he will run away from my fiance if he asks him to sit and he runs to me.
I got him from a shelter and he was a puppy mill dog. Could something have happened to him at the puppy mill that would make him afraid to sit?? Any ideas why his behavior has suddenly changed?

How Do I Train My Puppy To Pick Up Her Toys And Put Them In Her Basket?

My Papillon puppy is 10 mons. old and is a very intelligent little pup. She knows how to take her toys out of her ‘toy basket’ and bring them to us – but not how to put them back in! I’m sick of picking up after her; is there a way to train her to put the toys away herself?

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What Is The Best Way To Train My 3 Year Old Papillon To Stop Barking Constantly?

My Papillon is a 3 year old male and he barks at EVERYTHING! Guests coming to the door, other animals outside, other people/animals walking down our street, he looks out the windows in the living room and barks when there’s nothing there! He barks when we come home, when we leave! He barks at the SLIGHTEST little sounds! What can I do to limit him to barking once or twice or not at all when NOT NEEDED? He also jumps on everyone who comes in the door! HELP! Please, no suggestions that would harm or be considered cruel to any animal!