Is This A Good Idea For My Dog And Her Puppies?

I recently adopted a 1 and 1/2 year old golden retriever/doberman mix X AKC champion smooth collie (wonder how that happened?) When i went to the shelter i was dropping of some donations and i saw “Tia” She was very sweet and had just been dropped off. I was looking for a shelter mutt to compete in NADAC agility with. I asked about adopting her and was told she would be ready tommorow, so i signed the adoption papers. When i went to pick her up the next day i was told she had already been spayed by the people who broght her in. I checked her belly and there was a scar from where the stitches had been. The reason she was brought to the shelter was because she could not be trained and chewed everything up AKA- a very high drive dog, just what i wanted. The reason the former owners had gotten her was beacause her mom was an AKC champion smooth collie (the collies dogsitters(who was a family member) let her out in the front yard while she was in heat, she got tied with the neighbors dog, the dogsitters didn’t tell the owner and the dog had puppies at the dogsitters house and the pups were given away) They just had to have a puppy.
After i had gotten Tia home i noticed her belly was getting round. I took her to the vet and she was confirmed pregnant (wonder who was lying?) My vet told me not to do the emergency spay and i trusted him completely. So the pups are due in a few weeks. I will be giving the puppies away to free homes AS LONG as the are spayed/nutered. I will have the new owners sign my papillons pet quality contract.
Is this a good idea or should i do something else? I am also going to talk to the shelter.

My Dog Wets His Bed And Sleeps In It (when He Has The Whole Kitchen To Do This In). How Can I Get Him To Stop?

I have a papillon just under 2 years old. He’s been neutered. He’s recently developed the habit of wetting the bed he shares with my maltese and refusing to sleep in his own. Then he actually lays in it afterward.. I don’t keep them crated when I’m not around. I simply block off the kitchen with a baby gate and let them play there with the training pads down. When we first got him, he’d religiously use the pads, but now he’s decided to use the bed instead, and now ignores the pads. The vet had us switch him to a lower protein and lower fat dog food (called Solid Gold) which also has cranberry in it to support kidney function. They were unable to find anything serious other than slightly elevated kidney activity, but he said to take him off puppy food which we did.
Does anyone have any idea why he’s doing this and how to make him stop? Also the first bed we’ve given him he refuses to sleep in anymore and he doesn’t go near it and as far as we know has never peed in it. He only wants to sleep in Kenzie’s (our maltese) bed with or without her in it… which is the bed he’s been wetting in! I am so confused..

Is There Any Way To Part-time Train This Papillon?

My mother-in-law (who is my landlady) bought a papillon from a petstore, about eight months ago. She admits the puppy was an ‘impulse buy’, but loves him a great deal. I don’t believe in buying from petstores, and I’d thought she didn’t either, but this puppy reminded her of a dog she’d had before, so she bought him the day after she saw him.
The problem is, he runs wild. My significant other and I attempted to crate-train him when he was a puppy, but my mother-in-law didn’t like the idea of him being in a cage for any length of time, so she sold his crate and pen, and no more training was done. She does not discipline him at all, and he runs wild. He plays rough with the cats, steals food, and destroys everything in his path. I don’t think it’s fair to him to let him go without structure and training, but I don’t know how to train him alone, if no-one else will enforce anything. What can I do? I love this dog, but he ruins everything, and needs discipline.