How Do I Show My Puppy That I Am In Control?

I’ve only had my puppy for a week. He constantly wants my attention and if I try to leave the room or tell him not to do something, he pees in his crate. He is potty trained for the most part, and he only pees in his crate when he doesn’t get what he wants/his way of controlling me. Papillons are too smart ughhh! What do I do?! Please help! And please give tips other than just to send it to obedience school.

I Have A Yorkie That Is Paper Trained (easier For Mom Who Had A Stroke).?

I adopted a 5 -year old chihuahua/papillon mix today from the shelter, and I’ll get to bring her home Friday after she is spayed. She doesn’t appear to be housebroken, and I’m not sure if I should try to paper train her like the other dog or try to train her to go outside. Any suggestions? Also – any suggestions on helping the dogs become friends?

I Have A Papillon Female Puppy That Is 4 Months Old And Is Doing Really Well With Potty Training But,?

When I go out and put her in her cage she poops and pees in there. This is the only time she goes in the house. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have a cage divider, I take her out before I leave, I’m not gone that long. I know she does it on purpose. Please help!!! I cannpot keep scrubing the cage and kitchen floor and giving her a bath everyday or twice a day. Any ideas or suggestions?????