Problem With Breeder Distance…. Help? (question Is Long.. .but Please Read It.. Thanks.)?

So, a Pap breeder contacted me saying that she had a 9 month old male that she was willing to sell to me. Here is the first email I got from her:
I saw you posted to the group and that you were or are looking for a pap for agility… I think I may have what you are looking for if you are looking for a male that is. Ringo is a beautiful Red and white with a black mask and boy is he fast.
Ringo is about 9 months old and has lots of energy. I breed only once in awhile and the sire to this little guy is only 5 pts away from his AKC championship.
His grandsire was an import and is a champion , international champion.
I emailed back:
I did want a female, but it doesn’t really matter- male will work! He looks great, how old is he?
I’m in Michigan… where abouts are you located?
She emailed back:
Ringo is about 9 months old, knows how to use the doggie door. He loves to run, he loves to love men, he is now playing with my new puppies which are 9 weeks oops breeding, another story there.
I am in Enid, Oklahoma and I do ship and I have never had any trouble with air travel. I ship Delta, continental ..the cost of shipping is $275 unless you want to fly down and pick him up at the airport, which some people do.
If you want him on a limited registration I will sell him for $500, full Registration is $900.
He would make a great agility dog for sure. I just haven’t had the time or energy to sit and train them correctly. If you want to call me and talk about him my phone number is 580-242-1893.
He is up todate on shots, and he is on heart worm protection..
What do you think?
Some of the things she says… she doesn’t have the time to train them, she advertised on Puppyfind, and she had an oops breeding… makes me a bit weary of her…
I can’t go and check out her kennel or I would. (She lives in OK, I live in MI). I am going to email as many questions as possible, and I will call before buying, if I do.
I know most rep. breeders don’t use Puppyfind, but I’ve seen one or two that did…
What do you think? There’s no website for me to check out about her, I tried Googling “Shari’s Klassy Papillons”, and I got nothing.

My Friend Might Be Getting A Dog, Can I Have A Little Advice, Please…?

Okay, so I just found out yesterday that my friend might be getting a dog next year. At first I was really jealous – I mean, I’ve been researching and planning for over a year now, and then suddenly she might be getting a dog at the same time. Then I decided just to help her make the most of it. So I started off by asking what type they have in mind. She said maybe some sort of Spaniel. Then I asked her to tell me what she wants in a dog. Then I asked where she would be getting it from, and she said they hadn’t thought about it. So then I told her not to get one from a backyard breeder or a pet shop, and she got all huffy and asked where to get one from (she thought every breeder was a backyard breeder, so I had to explain that for her), and I told her either from a reputable breeder (but I get the feeling the family doesn’t want to spend that much) or a rescue, pound, shelter, etc.
Anyway, so what I wanted to ask is: do you think this family is ready for a dog? Do you think they have unrealistic expectations? If you think they’re ready, what kind of dog do you think would suit them? (I realise that if they get one from a shelter, etc, it may not be a purebred, but this is just a rough starting point)
Okay, here’s what my friend said she wants in a dog:
*Something energetic, but only when she wants it to be (i.e. not hyper)
*Something around the size of a Jack Russell or Cocker Spaniel (maybe a little bigger)
*Something with short hair
*Something that doesn’t shed (because they already have a cat that sheds…?)
*Something that will get along with cats, and the dogs next door
*Something that is intelligent, but not so intelligent it will get destructive if left alone
*Something that’s easy to train
*Something that doesn’t require much grooming
*Something that can be left alone for a while (as in, sometimes up to a day by itself)
*Something cute (how shallow is that?)
*Something that is able to live entirely outside (as in, rarely ever coming into the house, sleeping outside, eating outside, etc)
*Something that is a puppy (even though they are quite a busy family)
*Something that is easy for people who have never had dogs to handle
*Something fairly common, and pretty cheap
*Something that’s good with children (my friend is fourteen, and her sister is about twelve)
Okay, so do you think they should get a dog? Also, when I asked my friend which of these traits were more important (like, did she really want a small dog, but not so much mind about the shedding?) she said they were all as important as each other. Which means she pretty much wants to find a dog that exactly suits their lifestyle. Which I can’t find.
These are the breeds I’m thinking of, but not one of them meets all the criteria:
Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Cavalier King Charles, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel (both types), Welsh Corgi (both types), Papillon, Poodle (all types), Schanuzer, Beagle, Schipperke, Shetland Sheepdog, Norfolk/Norwich Terrier, Staffy, and Brittany.
What do you think? Sorry this question is so long, but I always make sure everything is detailed, so as (hopefully) not to be misunderstood. Any serious answers are appreciated. Thanks.

Breed Recommendations Please?

Okay so the dog must:
Be good with kids, be good with other dogs (smaller dogs), not be too hard to handle so in otherwords trainable or for the most part easy to train. Able to live inside but would have access to a small fenced in backyard. We are a young couple with poodle and a terrier mix (she is a Jack Russell Terrier mix)
We have been tossing around these breeds American Bull dog, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Papillon, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Shetland Sheepdog, Austrailan Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), Beagle
We havent done much research yet but we are going to….those are just a few breeds we like.
We do not want: American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottie, Dobie, Great Dane, Saint bernard, (Or any Giant breed the only live about 8 years), we don’t want a Min pin, Chihuahua (though I love chis), or anything with the squished face ex. pug, french bulldog. And no shih tzus or lhasa apso. We already have a poodle and don’t want another poodle at this time.
Also keep in mind there is heavy BSL in the surrounding areas and our county is trying hard to fight it off so (pit bulls and rotties are out)

4 Misbehaving Dogs. Please Help?

This is important, very important so please read everything. My family and I have 4 dogs. A Male Great Pyrenees, he is 3 years old. A Female Chocolate Lab, she is also 3 years. Two Papillons. The Female is about 2 years, and the Male a year and a half. All these dogs mean the world to me, and I would hate to have to get rid of them. But my parents aren’t happy with them right now. Let me list their behavioral problems, and anything you suggest will help.
Male GP, 3: Attacks other dogs. Our chocolate lab has gone into surgery because of this, and he is threatening the life of our Male Papillon. He has an insane barking issue. Sam is one of the best dogs in the world, most of the time, and in order for us to keep him, it is crusual we fix these problems.
Female CL, 3: She is the perfect dog except for her barking issue. It’s quite bad, and although there is no way we are considering giving her another home, we’d like to fix this.
Female P, 2: She still isn’t house trained and…


Ok A Little Help Please About Dogs!!?

Ok I am thinking about getting these dogs.
2. Australian Shepherd
3. King Charle Spaniel
4. American Eskimo
Please can you put these in like easiest to hardest and lowest to highest.
1. Which is the most sporty?
2. Which sheds the most?
3. Which is the most obedient?
4. Which is the easiest to train?
5. Which is the easiest to find?
6. Which is the best companion?
Thanks for your time and help!

How Do You Describe Papillons, Please Read Description?

people describe papillons as sweet, and lovable, they say they arn’t yappy, and love to be around people, but my cousins have a papillon who is terrible(most of the time) she’s yappy, she pees on beds (even though shes potty trained) she hates when people pet her, and once she was on my bed and i was laying down and i set a pillow near her and she started growling at me and barking so when i took the pillow away she tried to bite me, does anyone else think papillons arn’t as sweet as they should be?

My Little Puppy Is Growling, Please Help?

I just got a 6-month old papillon. It was timid at first but now it is hyper and its ears go up and he growls at me. I am afraid he will bite me or something. He does this a lot when he is hungry, it seems, and also when he has to potty. Any training ideas/techniques to deal with this? I know he is little but still, starting to really scare me 🙁

Please! I Need Help.?

After crate training, potty training my pap. can i put her outside on the deck?
And, how can i make my puppy pap more closer to me and more loyal? loyal enough to make him follow me? i like it when dogs follow me around..I used to have a jack russel and she follows me with ease (even in the toilet)! how can i make my pap closer to me just like my jack?
all the things i did with my jack russel wont work with my papillon.

Problems With My Papillon. Please Helpp?

Boomer my papillon is a pure bread dog. Or so I though… When I got him, I was told that he was 18 months, and when I took him to the vet, I was then told that he is closer to 3-5 years, and also imbread back down the line.. something with his grandma…
I fell in love with my boomer, he is so sweet. I asked a question before about him, because he is hard to train.. I was told by a dog trainer that its the imbreeding.
Now my problem is he doesn’t quite understand his toys. Isn’t sure what to do with them.. He would will run and play keep away from me and my boyfriends kitty. And he will play with our clothes, anything he can find. Sometimes he will run in the bedroom and come out dragging a shirt thats twice his size. He couldnt care less about a ball, chew toy, rope toy, or anything…. just clothes.
I tried smaller balls to fit his mouth better, but he just doesn’t care.
How do I get him to want to play with his toys, not chew my clothes…

Papillon Puppy Potty Training Advice, Please Help!?

Hmmm so my Papillon puppy is getting progessively WORSE with his
potty training. He has begun to go outside less and less, and go
inside more and more. He even waited until I had put him back in his
kennel to go this morning! (He thinks potty time outside, is actually
playtime with anything that twitches, and he tries to eat everything
with movement…)
I work an 8 hr day, but I leave him in a confined area with puppy
pads. I also leave a small bowl of water for him (should I not be
doing this? I feel guilty leaving him without food as it is!)
I try to get up and let him out first thing in the morning, however,
he’s either already gone in his kennel or doesn’t go outside. If he
doesn’t go outside, I put him back in his kennel momentarily to
continue with my own routine before letting him back out for another
go. (This is where he likes to go… as soon as I walk away…)
Okay so he’s pottied this morning, great. Good job, he went in his
bed, on the floor, everywhere but the grass! I’m so thrilled about
Next I let him eat, he tries to play, but I settle him down enough to
get some grub in his tummy. Now I should probably take him out after
he walks away from the bowl, because as soon as he finishes it! Guess
what!? He goes on the floor…
It’s into his “space” now, which he hates. I know this because when I
get home to let him out, he has gone all over the floor and torn up
whatever pads I had down. (Separation anxiety? That’s a scary
thought…) So, I let him out, if he goes, great, he gets a treat, he
gets to eat, and play and I watch him… sometimes he has accidents,
sometimes he’s good. Now if he doesn’t go, I put him back into this
kennel for a few, then let him back out. It’s tricky because he
doesn’t seem to want a schedule. He wants to go at his convenience
and it’s hard knowing when to take him downstairs. It’s like he’s
waiting for the moment to squat on my dining room floor…
As far as his kennel… he hates it. I try to give him a small treat
when he gets in it, but five seconds later he’s crying. He will not
go in on his own. I cycle being in and out of the kennel, sometimes I
feel he’s in it too long, but if I leave him out longer… he sneaks
off and goes somewhere else. It’s insane!
He’s smart, I will give him that. He has me wrapped around his finger
and I think that is part of the problem. I can’t spank his bottom or
shake a can with pennies. He thinks I’m playing! He bites and nips
and jumps… but he has started to sit… when I have a treat in my
hand and give the command. Now the problem is that he won’t do it
without my hand hanging above his head.
I’ve had a puppy before. Once. Our other dog is already trained, she
was when we got her. She doesn’t know tricks, but she doesn’t have
Can anyone give me some advice? I plan to enroll him in an obedience
class but want to get a handle on his potty training.
Oh, and I did hang a bell that I ring everytime we go out… he
hasn’t figured it out though… I wish he would.