Is This A Good Idea For My Dog And Her Puppies?

I recently adopted a 1 and 1/2 year old golden retriever/doberman mix X AKC champion smooth collie (wonder how that happened?) When i went to the shelter i was dropping of some donations and i saw “Tia” She was very sweet and had just been dropped off. I was looking for a shelter mutt to compete in NADAC agility with. I asked about adopting her and was told she would be ready tommorow, so i signed the adoption papers. When i went to pick her up the next day i was told she had already been spayed by the people who broght her in. I checked her belly and there was a scar from where the stitches had been. The reason she was brought to the shelter was because she could not be trained and chewed everything up AKA- a very high drive dog, just what i wanted. The reason the former owners had gotten her was beacause her mom was an AKC champion smooth collie (the collies dogsitters(who was a family member) let her out in the front yard while she was in heat, she got tied with the neighbors dog, the dogsitters didn’t tell the owner and the dog had puppies at the dogsitters house and the pups were given away) They just had to have a puppy.
After i had gotten Tia home i noticed her belly was getting round. I took her to the vet and she was confirmed pregnant (wonder who was lying?) My vet told me not to do the emergency spay and i trusted him completely. So the pups are due in a few weeks. I will be giving the puppies away to free homes AS LONG as the are spayed/nutered. I will have the new owners sign my papillons pet quality contract.
Is this a good idea or should i do something else? I am also going to talk to the shelter.

I’ve Just Rescued A Mom & Her 2 Pups. I Need To Crate Train Them But I Have No Idea How Big A Crate I Need.

This is not a large-breed dog. The mom is a Papillon mix and the dad was a medium-sized poodle-mix. I’ve allowed the pups and mom to have free reign of the apartment, with disasterous results. I love having them sleep in bed with me at night, but the “accidents” all over the apartment are horrid. Mom’s mostly house-trained. I just don’t always read her signals right. And I’m gone sometimes for hours at a time. I don’t want to put them in separate crates, but I don’t know what the best size would be. I also don’t have all that much room in my apartment for a huge crate either. HELP!!!

Is The Same Breed Of Dog Better With Each Other And Is A 2nd Puppy A Good Idea?

I have a four month old Japanese Chin (female) and am considering getting another one. It has been difficult to find another chin that is about the same size as she will be (since she will be small around 5 lbs and some chins can get to 20 lbs). I’m wanting to get another one fairly soon, so they can get use to each other and grow up together. I’m having a hard time finding another chin, but am considering getting a papillon. I’m just concerned that a papillon might be a little more fiesty than she is. She is very laid back, likes to play, but likes to cuddle and sleep as well. She isn’t one of these puppies that bites and chews on everything. She is actually the perfect dog, already potty trained and everything.
Also, would a male or female be best to get since I have a little girl. I will get they spayed or neutered because I think they chin will be too small to have pups, plus I don’t want to breed. I’m worried that males will hike and try to ‘jump’ on my little female.

My Papillon Has Diarrhea And I Have No Idea Why?

ok she poops in her keenel at least 4x a night. she is 6months old. i have another pap and she doesnt do a thing she knows to whine and she gets put outside and the puppy is potty trained she has just been having alot of accidents and idk y. she may havbe eatin sumthing idk but should i take her to the vet?