Problem With Breeder Distance…. Help? (question Is Long.. .but Please Read It.. Thanks.)?

So, a Pap breeder contacted me saying that she had a 9 month old male that she was willing to sell to me. Here is the first email I got from her:
I saw you posted to the group and that you were or are looking for a pap for agility… I think I may have what you are looking for if you are looking for a male that is. Ringo is a beautiful Red and white with a black mask and boy is he fast.
Ringo is about 9 months old and has lots of energy. I breed only once in awhile and the sire to this little guy is only 5 pts away from his AKC championship.
His grandsire was an import and is a champion , international champion.
I emailed back:
I did want a female, but it doesn’t really matter- male will work! He looks great, how old is he?
I’m in Michigan… where abouts are you located?
She emailed back:
Ringo is about 9 months old, knows how to use the doggie door. He loves to run, he loves to love men, he is now playing with my new puppies which are 9 weeks oops breeding, another story there.
I am in Enid, Oklahoma and I do ship and I have never had any trouble with air travel. I ship Delta, continental ..the cost of shipping is $275 unless you want to fly down and pick him up at the airport, which some people do.
If you want him on a limited registration I will sell him for $500, full Registration is $900.
He would make a great agility dog for sure. I just haven’t had the time or energy to sit and train them correctly. If you want to call me and talk about him my phone number is 580-242-1893.
He is up todate on shots, and he is on heart worm protection..
What do you think?
Some of the things she says… she doesn’t have the time to train them, she advertised on Puppyfind, and she had an oops breeding… makes me a bit weary of her…
I can’t go and check out her kennel or I would. (She lives in OK, I live in MI). I am going to email as many questions as possible, and I will call before buying, if I do.
I know most rep. breeders don’t use Puppyfind, but I’ve seen one or two that did…
What do you think? There’s no website for me to check out about her, I tried Googling “Shari’s Klassy Papillons”, and I got nothing.

Adult Dog Needs To Be Re-potty Trained… Help!?

I have a two and a half year old papillon. I recently moved back in with my parents. Ever since we moved in their home she wont stop going to the bathroom in the house. At my house she was fine and always went out side. But now no matter how many times we let her out side she still goes in. She will come in from out side and then with in minuets go in the house. At my parents house she has a much bigger back yard, and often likes to go out side. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Im Adopting A Dog! But Need Help!?

I have had many dogs before and for my 13th birthday im gonna get another dog but ive always had big dogs.
I have two dogs right now a 17 yr old shitzu and a golden retriever mix. and im worried about how they might act.
I want a dog that is small and will get along with my dogs.
I also have 2 cats along with smaller animals.
So they will have to be cat friendly.
I want to adopt from an animal shelter bc there are millions of dogs that need loving and permanent homes.
I live in a house but we r gonna move in like 2 yrs into (hopefully another house) an apartment (maybe) so it will have to be okay with that .
I have adopted puppys from shelters before but this time is fully up to me which dog I want, and ive always had my mom, brother, or sister to help me pick. So these are some breeds I like
jack russel terrier
and yorki =)
what do you think is best and suits my family?
andIm getting it hopefully a week after(=
And I know some of those dogs are loud or hard to train but uhm.. like chiuauas i know there stuborn =(
so yeah

4 Misbehaving Dogs. Please Help?

This is important, very important so please read everything. My family and I have 4 dogs. A Male Great Pyrenees, he is 3 years old. A Female Chocolate Lab, she is also 3 years. Two Papillons. The Female is about 2 years, and the Male a year and a half. All these dogs mean the world to me, and I would hate to have to get rid of them. But my parents aren’t happy with them right now. Let me list their behavioral problems, and anything you suggest will help.
Male GP, 3: Attacks other dogs. Our chocolate lab has gone into surgery because of this, and he is threatening the life of our Male Papillon. He has an insane barking issue. Sam is one of the best dogs in the world, most of the time, and in order for us to keep him, it is crusual we fix these problems.
Female CL, 3: She is the perfect dog except for her barking issue. It’s quite bad, and although there is no way we are considering giving her another home, we’d like to fix this.
Female P, 2: She still isn’t house trained and…


Ok A Little Help Please About Dogs!!?

Ok I am thinking about getting these dogs.
2. Australian Shepherd
3. King Charle Spaniel
4. American Eskimo
Please can you put these in like easiest to hardest and lowest to highest.
1. Which is the most sporty?
2. Which sheds the most?
3. Which is the most obedient?
4. Which is the easiest to train?
5. Which is the easiest to find?
6. Which is the best companion?
Thanks for your time and help!

2 Female Dogs (sisters) Fighting..please Help!?

I have a total of 7 dogs….3 females (2 shepherd mixes, 1 chihuahua) and 4 males (1 lab, 1 shepherd mix, 1 papillon and 1 Boxador). All are fixed except the Boxador puppy. Some of these are our dogs while others are fosters. The 2 females (Princess and Shauntae…both shepherd mixes) are the ones causing me trouble. I raised both of the dogs (along with their 3 other of while we still have) from the time they were abandoned at 3 weeks old. We adopted Shauntae out early on but in July got a call from her owner saying he had to relocate and had to find a home for Shauntae. Needless to say, she ended up back with us. When she came back to us she was not spayed yet….we had that done (in October) but it might have been too late? When she first arrived back here things were fine. Over time I did notice there was some tension between Princess and Shauntae but thought a little of that would be normal. Well, it progressed over time (from circling, starring down each other, some nudges here and there to actuall fighting). The fighting never drew blood or lasted more than a minute, until Saturday morning that is. We kept a close eye on the two of them hoping that dominance training would help bring them around, but….apparantly it’s not working. Saturday, Princess started a horrible fight with Shauntae that lasted well over a couple of minutes and ended up with Princess have a number wounds from it. I could NOT get them apart at all. It scared the heck out of me. Once I got them apart we put Shauntae in a crate while I tended to Princess (her wounds weren’t horrible but needed some attention). Of course I have not let them anywhere near each other since this happened. The strangest part about this is that they get along fine most of the time…they eat together (I hand feed them all to help them bond with us and help establish dominance), they play together, they even sleep together at times…but it seems like if Princess is in a situation where she gets too hyper…the fights begin. (examples of those situations: having to wait to have their leashes put on for their walks, running out the back door for play time, when someone comes to the door). Princess has always been a hyper dog but this is ridiculous. Princess is the one starting the fights…Shauntae is apparantly finishing them though! My first instinct was that we had to get Shauntae out of here and fast. When she came back to us we didn’t intend to keep her…just keep her from the pound so we could find her a home. There’s a bit more to this story that might help with answers too. Shauntae was an only dog in her previous home…so, in my eyes..she was the alpha dog in her home. Princess was the biggest female in our home until Shauntae came back…so, obviously…that is going to be a problem. But…is there any way I can make things work between them? The other part of the problem. I have had severe medical problems since this past March…I’ve been having seizures and they believe I may have Fibromyalgia and I recently fell down our stairs and am now in a wheelchair. The dogs pick up on my condition a LOT…it’s caused problems with my maintaining the ‘leader’ position as they sense I’m weak. All of the dogs sense the days that my seizures are worse and hover around me. I don’t know if this has anything to do with what is going on between the two of them but thought it might. Also, re-homing either Princess or Shauntae is going to be difficult. Both of them have bonded to me so much that it takes a long time for either of them to bond to other people. We’ve actually tried to re-home Shaunate with 2 different families already since she’s been back with us but neither worked out. She got away from the first family before they even got her in their house and my husband had to go and get her (she wouldn’t go anywhere near them)…then they decided they didn’t want her. The second family….well, they said she would just sit at the door and whine and seemed like she really wanted to come back home. I have no idea what to do here! If you have any advice on how I can make things work between Princess and Shauntae I would have problem keeping them both…but, this fighting just cannot happen (no matter how severe it is)….or, if anyone has any advice on how I can make Shauntae going to a new home easier for her that would be great too. Shauntae is very skiddish (she wasn’t socialized much in her previous home) and it takes her a while to warm up to people….this is a HUGE turn off for most people so they don’t even bother trying! I contacted a rescue and have considered placing her there but I just don’t know….would that be a better situation for her than trying to find her a permanent home and just keeping Princess and Shauntae seperate until I can? I just want the best for her!
Thank you in advance for your help!
P.S.–I had my husband pick up some muzzles for them but Princess gets hers of

Should I Borrow My Parents Older House Trained Dog To Help With My Puppies?

Ok here goes… I have three… count them 1…2…3 puppies currently residing at my home. There are two husky puppies that are 10 wks old and a papillon that is six months old. I’ve had dogs all my life, it’s just been a while since I had to deal with puppies. I’m working on house breaking them right now… all of them. My parents have an eight year old dachshund mix who has been (obviously) housebroken for years. Should I ask them if I can borrow Grettel (dachshund) for a couple days so they can see how it’s done?
I’m in training to be a dog trainer… so they’re well behaved, all three sit, stay, come, and lay down on command… they’re just having trouble with the going potty in the house.
I know I need to buy crates…
I know that is a lot of puppies… trust me… I used to run a rescue center with my family in California… this is nothing for me… I just need some advise.

Help! My Puppy Is Driving Me Crazy!!!?

I have a shih tzu papillon mix. she’s about 9 weeks old. She frustrates me! i can’t get her to pee or poop on the pad. Everytime she’s about to go i bring her to the pad but she’ll stop. Once I let her go again, she’ll go on the carpet. I want to train her to go outside but she doesnt have all of her shots yet and I just moved into a new house and don’t really know the history. So i’m not sure it’s safe for her. I’ve been consistent with the pad training for about a week and a half but she doesn’t seem to be making any type of progress. What should I do???

I Need Help Picking A Dog.?

I want a small dog and I have two options: Papillon and Beagle. I don’t know which one would be better for me. I live in a house with three cats and I love to cuddle and sometimes wrestle. I want a dog that would train rather easily and gets along with animals and people. It has to adapt to a moveable enviornment because I might move in a year. I’m not sure which dog to choose. They are both adorable and both have good dispositions. I am going into high school in 1 1/2 years. HELP!