Do You Love Your Dogs Like I Do?

I have recently been receiving hate mail from a user on this board, currently using a name something like Much Inferior or something like that 😛 calling me names because I show my dogs love. This person thinks that anyone that LOVES their dogs is weak minded. Here is an exert from my latest hate mail:
You are INCOMPETENT to judge the truth & your pitiful attempts at preventing others from seeing are truly pathetic & sad.Just because you need the facts minced into mush,soaked in syrup & spoon-fed,doesn’t mean you can force your pablum on the rest of humankind.
This because I love my dogs.
I do not let them run wild. They are well trained and ne is a show dog. They are well cared for, eat better quality food than I do, and are a delight to be around. My vet always has nothing but good things to say about their behavior and health. They know their boundaries; misbehavior is dealt with appropriately.
I do not force them to wear clothes, nor do I carry the Papillons around in a purse. They do sleep in bed with me.
I give them hugs and kisses and they make me smile. I tell them I love them often, and show them even MORE often.
So I ask…Do you love your dogs in the same way? If not, what do you do differently?
In my opinion, anyone that doesn’t LOVE their dog doesn’t need to have one. Find another hobby. You don’t have to CODDLE them… I don’t… but I darned sure LOVE them.

4 Misbehaving Dogs. Please Help?

This is important, very important so please read everything. My family and I have 4 dogs. A Male Great Pyrenees, he is 3 years old. A Female Chocolate Lab, she is also 3 years. Two Papillons. The Female is about 2 years, and the Male a year and a half. All these dogs mean the world to me, and I would hate to have to get rid of them. But my parents aren’t happy with them right now. Let me list their behavioral problems, and anything you suggest will help.
Male GP, 3: Attacks other dogs. Our chocolate lab has gone into surgery because of this, and he is threatening the life of our Male Papillon. He has an insane barking issue. Sam is one of the best dogs in the world, most of the time, and in order for us to keep him, it is crusual we fix these problems.
Female CL, 3: She is the perfect dog except for her barking issue. It’s quite bad, and although there is no way we are considering giving her another home, we’d like to fix this.
Female P, 2: She still isn’t house trained and…


What Is With My Dog’s Obsessive Licking?

I have two dogs, a female Papillon and a male Yorkie. Both have great behavior. They listen, they are house trained, and there is no aggression.
That is, until the morning. I’m not a fan of dog slobber, so I often don’t let them lick very much. But a few mornings I wanted to see what would happen. When I wake up, my Papillon loves to lick my face as if to clean it! If my Yorkie comes over to lick my face, my Papillon will block him, growl, and in some case bare her teeth and nip him. After she drives him to the end of the bed or off the bed, she seems to have the need to re-lick my face!
Why do my dogs do this when it comes to licking my face (and why do they feel the need to lick my face in the morning!)

Ok A Little Help Please About Dogs!!?

Ok I am thinking about getting these dogs.
2. Australian Shepherd
3. King Charle Spaniel
4. American Eskimo
Please can you put these in like easiest to hardest and lowest to highest.
1. Which is the most sporty?
2. Which sheds the most?
3. Which is the most obedient?
4. Which is the easiest to train?
5. Which is the easiest to find?
6. Which is the best companion?
Thanks for your time and help!

Information On Papillion Dogs?

Hi,i am very interested in getting a Papillon dog.I have read all the info on the internet i can possibly find.But what i really want,is some real owner experiences.The information that only someone who has spent a lot of time with the breed would know.
Things like-
Ease of training when they are pups?
How much energy they have,and how keen they are on walks?
How big are they?(can use another dog breed as a comparison)
How they cope with being left alone in the house for 4-5 hours?
Any other additional information would be brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to read my question.

2 Female Dogs (sisters) Fighting..please Help!?

I have a total of 7 dogs….3 females (2 shepherd mixes, 1 chihuahua) and 4 males (1 lab, 1 shepherd mix, 1 papillon and 1 Boxador). All are fixed except the Boxador puppy. Some of these are our dogs while others are fosters. The 2 females (Princess and Shauntae…both shepherd mixes) are the ones causing me trouble. I raised both of the dogs (along with their 3 other of while we still have) from the time they were abandoned at 3 weeks old. We adopted Shauntae out early on but in July got a call from her owner saying he had to relocate and had to find a home for Shauntae. Needless to say, she ended up back with us. When she came back to us she was not spayed yet….we had that done (in October) but it might have been too late? When she first arrived back here things were fine. Over time I did notice there was some tension between Princess and Shauntae but thought a little of that would be normal. Well, it progressed over time (from circling, starring down each other, some nudges here and there to actuall fighting). The fighting never drew blood or lasted more than a minute, until Saturday morning that is. We kept a close eye on the two of them hoping that dominance training would help bring them around, but….apparantly it’s not working. Saturday, Princess started a horrible fight with Shauntae that lasted well over a couple of minutes and ended up with Princess have a number wounds from it. I could NOT get them apart at all. It scared the heck out of me. Once I got them apart we put Shauntae in a crate while I tended to Princess (her wounds weren’t horrible but needed some attention). Of course I have not let them anywhere near each other since this happened. The strangest part about this is that they get along fine most of the time…they eat together (I hand feed them all to help them bond with us and help establish dominance), they play together, they even sleep together at times…but it seems like if Princess is in a situation where she gets too hyper…the fights begin. (examples of those situations: having to wait to have their leashes put on for their walks, running out the back door for play time, when someone comes to the door). Princess has always been a hyper dog but this is ridiculous. Princess is the one starting the fights…Shauntae is apparantly finishing them though! My first instinct was that we had to get Shauntae out of here and fast. When she came back to us we didn’t intend to keep her…just keep her from the pound so we could find her a home. There’s a bit more to this story that might help with answers too. Shauntae was an only dog in her previous home…so, in my eyes..she was the alpha dog in her home. Princess was the biggest female in our home until Shauntae came back…so, obviously…that is going to be a problem. But…is there any way I can make things work between them? The other part of the problem. I have had severe medical problems since this past March…I’ve been having seizures and they believe I may have Fibromyalgia and I recently fell down our stairs and am now in a wheelchair. The dogs pick up on my condition a LOT…it’s caused problems with my maintaining the ‘leader’ position as they sense I’m weak. All of the dogs sense the days that my seizures are worse and hover around me. I don’t know if this has anything to do with what is going on between the two of them but thought it might. Also, re-homing either Princess or Shauntae is going to be difficult. Both of them have bonded to me so much that it takes a long time for either of them to bond to other people. We’ve actually tried to re-home Shaunate with 2 different families already since she’s been back with us but neither worked out. She got away from the first family before they even got her in their house and my husband had to go and get her (she wouldn’t go anywhere near them)…then they decided they didn’t want her. The second family….well, they said she would just sit at the door and whine and seemed like she really wanted to come back home. I have no idea what to do here! If you have any advice on how I can make things work between Princess and Shauntae I would have problem keeping them both…but, this fighting just cannot happen (no matter how severe it is)….or, if anyone has any advice on how I can make Shauntae going to a new home easier for her that would be great too. Shauntae is very skiddish (she wasn’t socialized much in her previous home) and it takes her a while to warm up to people….this is a HUGE turn off for most people so they don’t even bother trying! I contacted a rescue and have considered placing her there but I just don’t know….would that be a better situation for her than trying to find her a permanent home and just keeping Princess and Shauntae seperate until I can? I just want the best for her!
Thank you in advance for your help!
P.S.–I had my husband pick up some muzzles for them but Princess gets hers of

How Much Do These Dogs Cost?

I want another dog! all we own are border collies that are big time agillity dogs and most of the time they are training so this leave no “mans best friend” quailty time so this christmas i am asking for a small dog but my parents cant afford a couple thousand dollar dog and the dog i get for xmas is not going to do shows or agility cuz i know dogs that are bred for this cost more i just want a dog that will be my friend and loyal to me
Toy Fox Terrier
Italian Greyhound
American Eskimo Dog (Toy)
these are the types of dogs i have reserched and i am going to pick one that i would like to ask for for chrismas and
I would like to get the average price of each dog in this order 10 points to the best answer

Dogs And Money… Can U Help ?

Erm im saving up to buy myself a puppy.. Does anyone know a way i can earn money? And im 14 by the way and have my moms concent to get a dog but she says i must save myself lol
Also which is the best breed to have?
A papillon
A yorkshire terrier
A chihuahua
A pomeranian
Which are the best with kids, cleanin, training etc and other things.
Thanks every1 xxx

Dog’s Training Reversed By New Puppy?

We have a 2 1/2 yr old lab. He’s been potty trained for well over a year now. 7 months ago, we got a papillon puppy. She’s been significantly more difficult to train, and still has “accidents”. This morning, I found that my lab had an “accident”. Has anyone hear of an older dog acting out or his training being “reversed” by the bad behavior of a new puppy? The puppy has also been getting a lot of attention lately – vet visits, that sort of thing… so could he be jealous and acting out?

How Can I Stop My Dogs From Pooping Inside When Its Raining Outside?

I have a papillon and a mixed breed/border collie. They are trained very well to go potty outside, but everytime it rains, they go inside the house. Argggg! I hate that. How can I teach these dogs that they have to go outside, even if it means they get a little wet?