Problem With Breeder Distance…. Help? (question Is Long.. .but Please Read It.. Thanks.)?

So, a Pap breeder contacted me saying that she had a 9 month old male that she was willing to sell to me. Here is the first email I got from her:
I saw you posted to the group and that you were or are looking for a pap for agility… I think I may have what you are looking for if you are looking for a male that is. Ringo is a beautiful Red and white with a black mask and boy is he fast.
Ringo is about 9 months old and has lots of energy. I breed only once in awhile and the sire to this little guy is only 5 pts away from his AKC championship.
His grandsire was an import and is a champion , international champion.
I emailed back:
I did want a female, but it doesn’t really matter- male will work! He looks great, how old is he?
I’m in Michigan… where abouts are you located?
She emailed back:
Ringo is about 9 months old, knows how to use the doggie door. He loves to run, he loves to love men, he is now playing with my new puppies which are 9 weeks oops breeding, another story there.
I am in Enid, Oklahoma and I do ship and I have never had any trouble with air travel. I ship Delta, continental ..the cost of shipping is $275 unless you want to fly down and pick him up at the airport, which some people do.
If you want him on a limited registration I will sell him for $500, full Registration is $900.
He would make a great agility dog for sure. I just haven’t had the time or energy to sit and train them correctly. If you want to call me and talk about him my phone number is 580-242-1893.
He is up todate on shots, and he is on heart worm protection..
What do you think?
Some of the things she says… she doesn’t have the time to train them, she advertised on Puppyfind, and she had an oops breeding… makes me a bit weary of her…
I can’t go and check out her kennel or I would. (She lives in OK, I live in MI). I am going to email as many questions as possible, and I will call before buying, if I do.
I know most rep. breeders don’t use Puppyfind, but I’ve seen one or two that did…
What do you think? There’s no website for me to check out about her, I tried Googling “Shari’s Klassy Papillons”, and I got nothing.

10 thoughts on “Problem With Breeder Distance…. Help? (question Is Long.. .but Please Read It.. Thanks.)?”

  1. She sounds okay, but…I don’t know. I would be happy to drive out there and take a look at him for you. I live only 30 minutes away or more. I really wouldn’t mind, I just need to make something up to tell my parents. I’ll try calling her for you though, tell you what she says.

  2. I wouldn’t do it. You are right about all of those signs, and if you can’t see his environment, don’t do it.

  3. What you might also try doing in finding someone on Y!A who you trust that lives near the breeder and see if they’ll check out the facilities for you.

  4. Besides what others have mentioned, one of the things on my list of breeder no-nos is selling puppies for more money with full registration.
    In my opinion, ALL puppies should be sold on limited registration until certain criteria is met (titles, health certs, etc) at which time the breeder lifts the limited and makes it full.
    Of course there are acceptations, I know that puppies with AKC going to Canada can not get CKC without full AKC registration etc.
    ETA – BYBs cause suffering and death – Sorry I should have said I was thinking of the German Style (Schutzhund titles and Koer) rather than American Lines and AKC which I am not familiar with.

  5. I don’t feel good about it AT ALL.
    She has accidental breedings.
    No time to train.
    Willing to ship a dog to someone she doesn’t know.
    All very, very, very bad signs. That’s plenty for me to run away!

  6. I’m willing to make allowances for not having time to train, using puppyfind, and even having an “oops”, but the fact that she’s willing to offer full registration (for a fee) to someone she doesn’t know worries me.
    She is not listed as a member on the PCA breeders directory.
    The puppy sounds delightful, and there is a good chance that he is of quality, but I would want to check out the situation before committing to anything. Either I’d go down myself or I’d have someone in the area that I know check her out.
    EDIT: Barb, I don’t know if you’re in Canada, but in the US you can’t show the dog in conformation unless it has full registration – which means if you have limited registration, you can’t get a championship on the dog to prove it’s worthiness.
    Up here we can show a limited dog, so it’s common for breeders to sell show dogs on a non-breeding registration, and require that the owner get a championship before lifting it.

  7. I agree with Sally, Jessie, and Raphael . . . j/k, I mean Barb. : ) Good suggestion, tentoes – who do we know lives in Oklahoma?
    One red flag is forgiveable, perhaps, but there seems to be a handful here. I imagine that procuring this dog would be nothing but a headache in the long run.

  8. Unless you personally know the breeder — don’t ever buy a dog over the internet.
    To find the show Papillon you want (and can be proud of!) …. please attend some dog shows in Michigan where you live and visit with the Papillon breeders that are showing there.
    You can find the right breeders who are breeding quality dogs by seeking them out at the shows.

  9. If you are the least bit weary of this person, then back out. Gut feelings are usually the best. I would keep looking. “oops” breeding usually means BYB or someone who is just looking for money, and probably has health risks in their dogs. Tell her, thanks, but you found a dog that is closer and female.

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