Papillon Barking?

My husband and I have a 3 1/2 month old Papillon. We love her to death but she is quite a barker and starts to get a little too agressive with us when she wants to play. She will jump on us and start grabbing my hair if she can get to it and whipping her head around. She barks and starts nipping (playfully usually) and growling. I am just wondering if anyone has any training tips on how to maybe quite her down and relax her a bit. We do have her in puppy class so she is starting to learn to sit, watch us, come and drop it. When she gets worked up like this though she pays no attention to anything we say. We try ignoring her and she just gets worse. Help!

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  1. I’m a trainer and I suggest when she starts her play biting/ aggression , give her a toy to play with to redirect her attention to the toy instead of your hands etc, if that does not work …get a treat and start training her to get her focus back on you ..get her to sit ..start training her to get her level of excitement down. If you are crate training her could also put her in her crate to calm her down (not as a punishment) put a treat in her crate and have her calm down a little…if you are not crate training her…another suggestion is take her for a walk …it also sounds like she has alot of energy ( papillions are energetic). For the barking if she barking consistant..then i suggest taking bitter apple spray and either spraying past her mouth so when she inhales she gets a little wif of it and stops ( tell her no (in a firm voice) ) or spray it in her will notice she will stop …every time she barks show her the bottle and say NO if she doesn’t care about the bottle spray it again in her mouth ..I hope this helps a little..remember don’t be harsh…DON’T YELL …yelling will not make her do what you want

  2. A trainer suggested to me when I was having the same problem with my Papillon, to fill a spray bottle (which you can buy from a supermarket) with plain tap-water and whenever the dog starts acting up or continues barking after your warning, you can spray him in the face.
    The dog will quickly learn not to be rude and you don’t have to worry about the acidity of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar burning their eyes or nose!
    I carried my spray bottle with around constantly for about a week and my Hunter soon learned to obey the first time round!

  3. One way to stop the nipping almost instantaneous is to invest in some bitter apple spray found at all pet stores. It will leave a bitter taste in her mouth when she nips you and nothing stops a nipper than a bitter taste on the tongue. This will help while you are going through the training process she will learn by association that nipping you will only earn her a bitter taste.

  4. First of all, as I’m sure you’ve read when you did your research on the breed before getting her, some Papillons are real barkers. They bark to instigate play and will also bark at something as inanimate as a leaf in the back yard, as if it’s a matter of national security.
    Your puppy class should help you with methods of keeping her under control. However, since she’s a puppy, rough play is to be expected. When my Papillon, Louie, was that age, he learned within a day what behavior was acceptable for play and what was not. If he was being too intrusive or nipping, I’d give him a good strong, “no.” If he persisted, I would ignore him completely. If he sought me out as I attempted to ignore him, I gently placed him on his back and held him in place until he was subdued. I was not rough or harsh and as soon as he stopped squirming, I let him go. He got the point very fast- faster than I’ve ever seen any other puppy learn manners. Now we can have rough play sessions, during which I allow him to bite my hand (playfully) and the second I decide that I’m done and say “no more” he releases my hand without a second thought.

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