Bad Flea Problem!!!!!!?

I am currently living with my folks for a little while, Well they have two dogs and a cat….the cat is a russian blue short hair….one dog is a cocker spaniel and golden retriever mix….and the other dog is a papillon long hair…..The cat is an outside cat, and only comes in to eat and sleep….the spaniel/retriever mix is losing hair like crazy….and wont stop chewing on himself, he gets rashes from flea bites…and he has a bad habbit of hopping up on beds…the pappillon…though an expensive animal..I would not recommend this breed..they are hard to take care of, they are difficult to potty train.. he is over two years old..and he acts like going outside is a punishment…he still goes to the bathroom in the house and on the carpets as well..he has a bad habbit of running under the beds as a way to get out of going outside..the two dogs are both horribly infested with fleas and nothing has worked to get rid of them, my question: can someone help with ALL of the above issues??

Neutering Complications… Opinions?

I got my 2 year old Papillon neutered this month, and there were a lot of problems. A few people have suggested I try to file some sort of formal complaint against the surgeon. I wanted to get some opinions and see if anyone else has ever seen or heard of a neuter going this badly.
As background, the dog in question was 2 years old, both testicles fully descended, no hernias to repair. Should have been a very open and shut case. He was at the vet for a total of 8 hours. (Tuesday)
As soon as I picked him up, he was already very swollen, had a small, BRIGHT purple bruise above and to the side of the incision, and the incision itself was a lumpy, scabby mess- nothing like the neat incisions I’ve seen on all my other cats and dogs after surgery. He was sent home without any sort of e-collar, pain meds, or antibiotics (I know they didn’t send my kittens home with any meds, but it’s been a long time since I had a dog neutered- do they usually get meds?). He also was dehydrated when I got him home- he had clearly not received any water, orally or otherwise, since the previous evening at 9pm (I picked him up at 4pm the following day). I had to resort to giving him small drinks of water every 30-60 minutes for over 6 hours, because if I gave him access to the water bowl, he’d drink so much he gagged. When I took the water away, he stared at it and cried. He also had not been allowed access to any potty area other than the crate he was in at the vet, and since he is crate trained, he refused to potty, and I had to take him out at least 4 times in the first hour he was home, and he both peed and pooped each time.
That night, he couldn’t even lay down. He stood hunched in a corner shaking and crying. I followed all the rules, kept him penned or crated, no jumping, no stairs, no playing, just quiet. I held him most of the night, and he didn’t sleep.
I took him to his regular vet (who did not perform the surgery) the next day (Wednesday). The bruise and swelling had both gotten worse. She agreed that it was very swollen and sore, although she would not comment on the surgeon’s work or offer any ideas as to how it got so bad. She gave him Clavamox and Metacam, and an e-collar.
The meds seemed to help him get comfortable enough to lay down and sleep, but the swelling and bruising kept getting worse by the hour, and the following day (Thursday) a large, hard lump appeared on one side of his groin, and he cried when it was touched. I wasn’t certain I could get to my regular vet (they were booked all weekend and *might* be able to squeeze me in if I kept calling) so I took him to the ER Thursday night. They did an ultrasound and said there was no internal bleeding or fluids building up or anything else, but the lump could be a small hernia that might have to be repaired later. They said they couldn’t tell for sure until the swelling from the neuter went away.
I was so busy worrying I failed to get photos until day 7 after the surgery. You can still see the bruising and swelling, as well as the possible hernia. (These are closeups of little boy-dog parts, so if you’re squeamish don’t open them.)………
We are now on day 13 following surgery. The incision is still swollen and scabby, there is still some faint bruising, and the possible hernia is still present.……
I have never had any cat or dog, male or female, react this way to surgery. Nor has anyone else I know. I wish I had pictures of him in the first few days, those bruises were all a deep, dark purple. And none of those spots in the pictures is natural pigment, he has a pure pink belly with no spots. All the coloration is bruising. It extended all the way to his navel and down both inner thighs.
I kept the pictures and the vet reports, but am not sure if I can or should file a complaint or exactly who to report the incident to.
Thoughts? Would you complain? Would you consider it normal?

What Kind Of Dog Should We Get?

The only requirements for this dog breed is that it has to be small. Im talking no bigger than a pug. It also can’t shed too much, but we would like it to have fur. It must also be pretty smart so that training (housetraining in paticular) is easier.
I dont think too much about cutness, but it can’t be ugly.
Ive been thinking about a minitaure or toy poodle but my sister thinks theyre ugly so we cant get one because its half her dog.
we like papillons but they shed a little too much.
What do you think we should get?

My Friend Might Be Getting A Dog, Can I Have A Little Advice, Please…?

Okay, so I just found out yesterday that my friend might be getting a dog next year. At first I was really jealous – I mean, I’ve been researching and planning for over a year now, and then suddenly she might be getting a dog at the same time. Then I decided just to help her make the most of it. So I started off by asking what type they have in mind. She said maybe some sort of Spaniel. Then I asked her to tell me what she wants in a dog. Then I asked where she would be getting it from, and she said they hadn’t thought about it. So then I told her not to get one from a backyard breeder or a pet shop, and she got all huffy and asked where to get one from (she thought every breeder was a backyard breeder, so I had to explain that for her), and I told her either from a reputable breeder (but I get the feeling the family doesn’t want to spend that much) or a rescue, pound, shelter, etc.
Anyway, so what I wanted to ask is: do you think this family is ready for a dog? Do you think they have unrealistic expectations? If you think they’re ready, what kind of dog do you think would suit them? (I realise that if they get one from a shelter, etc, it may not be a purebred, but this is just a rough starting point)
Okay, here’s what my friend said she wants in a dog:
*Something energetic, but only when she wants it to be (i.e. not hyper)
*Something around the size of a Jack Russell or Cocker Spaniel (maybe a little bigger)
*Something with short hair
*Something that doesn’t shed (because they already have a cat that sheds…?)
*Something that will get along with cats, and the dogs next door
*Something that is intelligent, but not so intelligent it will get destructive if left alone
*Something that’s easy to train
*Something that doesn’t require much grooming
*Something that can be left alone for a while (as in, sometimes up to a day by itself)
*Something cute (how shallow is that?)
*Something that is able to live entirely outside (as in, rarely ever coming into the house, sleeping outside, eating outside, etc)
*Something that is a puppy (even though they are quite a busy family)
*Something that is easy for people who have never had dogs to handle
*Something fairly common, and pretty cheap
*Something that’s good with children (my friend is fourteen, and her sister is about twelve)
Okay, so do you think they should get a dog? Also, when I asked my friend which of these traits were more important (like, did she really want a small dog, but not so much mind about the shedding?) she said they were all as important as each other. Which means she pretty much wants to find a dog that exactly suits their lifestyle. Which I can’t find.
These are the breeds I’m thinking of, but not one of them meets all the criteria:
Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Cavalier King Charles, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel (both types), Welsh Corgi (both types), Papillon, Poodle (all types), Schanuzer, Beagle, Schipperke, Shetland Sheepdog, Norfolk/Norwich Terrier, Staffy, and Brittany.
What do you think? Sorry this question is so long, but I always make sure everything is detailed, so as (hopefully) not to be misunderstood. Any serious answers are appreciated. Thanks.

How Do You Correct Your Dog And What Are Correct Discipline Methods?

*asked again for more answers*
I’ve heard a few people say all physical discipline to animals should be avoided, and on the other side of the spectrum I hear some physical discipline is ok.
I would really like to know a correct method, or at least what other’s do.
I’ve always trained my dogs myself with basic commands and some “etiquette”. To correct any unwanted behavior, I would give them a sharp verbal correction or roll them on their backs. I’ve done this with my yorkie, husky, lab/pit mix, and papillon and have never had behavioral problems with them.
Is this an acceptable method?

Im Adopting A Dog! But Need Help!?

I have had many dogs before and for my 13th birthday im gonna get another dog but ive always had big dogs.
I have two dogs right now a 17 yr old shitzu and a golden retriever mix. and im worried about how they might act.
I want a dog that is small and will get along with my dogs.
I also have 2 cats along with smaller animals.
So they will have to be cat friendly.
I want to adopt from an animal shelter bc there are millions of dogs that need loving and permanent homes.
I live in a house but we r gonna move in like 2 yrs into (hopefully another house) an apartment (maybe) so it will have to be okay with that .
I have adopted puppys from shelters before but this time is fully up to me which dog I want, and ive always had my mom, brother, or sister to help me pick. So these are some breeds I like
jack russel terrier
and yorki =)
what do you think is best and suits my family?
andIm getting it hopefully a week after(=
And I know some of those dogs are loud or hard to train but uhm.. like chiuauas i know there stuborn =(
so yeah

Breed Recommendations Please?

Okay so the dog must:
Be good with kids, be good with other dogs (smaller dogs), not be too hard to handle so in otherwords trainable or for the most part easy to train. Able to live inside but would have access to a small fenced in backyard. We are a young couple with poodle and a terrier mix (she is a Jack Russell Terrier mix)
We have been tossing around these breeds American Bull dog, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Papillon, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Shetland Sheepdog, Austrailan Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), Beagle
We havent done much research yet but we are going to….those are just a few breeds we like.
We do not want: American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottie, Dobie, Great Dane, Saint bernard, (Or any Giant breed the only live about 8 years), we don’t want a Min pin, Chihuahua (though I love chis), or anything with the squished face ex. pug, french bulldog. And no shih tzus or lhasa apso. We already have a poodle and don’t want another poodle at this time.
Also keep in mind there is heavy BSL in the surrounding areas and our county is trying hard to fight it off so (pit bulls and rotties are out)

Which Dog Breed Is Better?

I’m a spohmore in college and I just got an apartment. I want to get an adult dog that’s already house and leash trained. I know a bunch of rescue places for the 3 dog breeds I’ve decided on, but I can’t pick which breed. I would have to leave it alone for 4-6 hours a day but it would have 2 or 3 walks each day. Which of these dog breeds are best for me?
Coton de Tulear
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Please no links, I need personal experience, and I already took the AKC and eukanuba quiz and these were what I came up with.

Last Night My Mom Finally Agreed To Get A New Pup?

but underone condition
that it has to be a toy dog breed or not bigger than cocker spaniel
today i was in NYC ASPCA to look form my new pup but i didnt find my perfect match 🙁
so now im thinking which breed with suit me the best im looking more into personality i like terrier but they can be hard to train and stubborn
so im thinking about those breeds:
cocker spaniel ( english ive heard that american cocker are really mean to people and other dogs)
corgi( pembroke or cardigan doesnt matter)
pomeranian ( thay can be yappy and shed a LOT )
manchester terrier
fox terrier( smooth,wire or toy)
we have a frequent visits from my cousin and she have 2 kids ( 5 and 4 year old )
so im looking for a dog that will be good with kids
i need some advice im not in hurry im doing my research probablly i will get new pup in april for my b-day

What Dog Breed Is Best For Me?

So I’ve decided to get another dog in the next one or two years, but I don’t know what breed to look into. The online dog breed selector tests aren’t any good, and my family is giving me mixed answers on to what dog breed I should get. My older sister wants me to get a GSD, my mom thinks that a Norbottenspetz or a Pyrenean Shepherd would be pretty cool, my teacher wants me to get a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon, my dad doesn’t care, and my friends think that I should just get another Cavalier. You guys will probably give me better answers than the internet or my family will (aside from my teacher, they don’t know much about dogs.)
I’m a fairly active person, and I’m looking to do agility and/or flyball with this dog. Currently I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It isn’t that I don’t love him, but he isn’t really a dog that loves to race down a track to press a button to get a ball (he does like agility, but he isn’t the greatest at it). I want to compete in agility with this dog, and my Cav doesn’t really love it enough to be a top competitor.
I have a 3 year old sister, who will be four or five by the time I get the puppy, but I have even younger cousins, and this dog needs to be good with them.
I know I can handle a dog that is as big as a lab, but I would be hesitant of getting something bigger.
The dog would only be alone for 1-2 hours at a time, I take my dogs most every where I go, so I’m not really concerned with how long the dog will spend alone. Even so, I do have two other dogs that could keep it company.
I would like a dog that is smart, and easy to train.
I have suggested some breeds to my parents already that they have already vetoed. The first dog I brought up when I asked them about it was a Border Collie, and that idea was instantly thrown into the garbage. I love Borders, but my mother and my extended family has had some problems with snappy ones. The Papillon was another breed my mother didn’t want anything to do with, so something bigger than them is probably a good idea.
So I’m looking for a small(bigger than a pap that is) or medium sized dog. I would like one that is smart and easy to train. A dog that is known for it’s achievements would also be a plus too.
I currently have two ferrets, and my sister has a very old cat, so due to the ferrets, I don’t really want a dog that is going to have a strong enough prey-drive to kill them. It isn’t like they would be alone together, but I want to be careful.
I do really like the looks of the Pyr Shep, though I’ve heard that they love agility a little too much, missing contacts left and right. If anyone knows anything about them, please tell me. A GSD would be great too, but its the size thats stopping me. I’m a little person.
So, what breed do you think would fit me?