My Dog Trained Itself!!!?

I think my papillon is like a genius or something! Please someone tell me the’ve been in a simaliar situation!!

7 thoughts on “My Dog Trained Itself!!!?”

  1. WOW !! Your dog is super Dooper! But mine can do backflips thru fire rings into water!!! :-P. It taught itself.

  2. Have you ever thought that maybe your dog is training you? If you are reacting to certain behaviors, then you are trained. My dog trained me to give him water. It’s good, cause sometimes I don’t notice their water bowl are empty.
    Of course, I trained my dog to do certain things and tricks.

  3. Some dogs are smarter than others. Breeds don’t matter. You don’t give age though. Mine was adopted at 9 months from a shelter. She’s awesome! Trained in a week. Just shows someone else spent lots of time with her before.

  4. Papillions are extremely intelligent dogs. My very close family friend owns one and it is very obedient. It knows a countless number of tricks and is like the most perfect dog with brilliant manners.

  5. My Lab mix (avatar) knows how to sit and come, and I never taught her a thing. She’s a great dog, though.

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