Looking For A New Puppy…..?

I am considering getting a mascot for my papillons and border collies. I want a tall athletic dog. Somewhat built like a whippet, working line border collie, or kelpie (No mastiff, pitbull, or golden ret. builds). Medium length thick hair (I LOVE to groom). Very high toy drive. Can be corrected without getting it’s feeling hurt (No labs or goldens), in other words no soft and submissive dogs. I do not want a lovey dovy affectionate puts its ears back and rolls on its back when you talk to it, but more a dog that when petted and praised stands solid and holds its ears up. I want a dog that can work all day. Easily trained. High energy.
I am considering DDR german shepherds and 3 of the AKC belgian shepherds. What do you think?
I have talked to people at shows when i am not too busy showing my own dogs and everybody says the breed they show is the absolute best and sweetest breed on earth. My problem is I don’t want a too sweet dog.
In other words:
solid temperment.
Does not get feeling hurt.
Medium length thick hair.
High toy/prey drive.
Athletic appearence.
Size between a border collie ans doberman.

5 thoughts on “Looking For A New Puppy…..?”

  1. I would go for a Belgian Malinois/Laekenois or working line GSD. They are the most solid dogs you can find.
    Though I’m leaning more toward Malinois for you.

  2. i don’t know what she is mixed with but my half blue queensland healer is perfect!she will chase her ball for hours no joke and loves to be groomed. she also is well tempered and is a medium sized dog.she is really kinda fun to have with other dogs and can do tons of tricks

  3. an american eskimo dog, they are evrything u just describd, they come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, medium thick white hair. very smart very cute. i have 1 and she is perfect

  4. maybe a large poodle, they can be good dogs, sum kind of sheepdog or a doberman u no very doog gueard dogs or like a shepher or sumthing

    Remember, some dog breeds are good for you, but not others. Some dog breeds are good for others, but not you. It all depends on your lifestyle and family. No dog breed is better than another. They are all equals! If people suggest dog breeds for you, don’t listen to what they say because they don’t know very much about you. All dogs are different and have many different types of needs (amount of exercise, training, food they need, energy level, size, etc.) that you may or may not be able to give to them! So here is a lot of info on getting a good dog for YOU and helpful tips and websites for dog owners!!!
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    -Dog Bed
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