How Do I Show My Puppy That I Am In Control?

I’ve only had my puppy for a week. He constantly wants my attention and if I try to leave the room or tell him not to do something, he pees in his crate. He is potty trained for the most part, and he only pees in his crate when he doesn’t get what he wants/his way of controlling me. Papillons are too smart ughhh! What do I do?! Please help! And please give tips other than just to send it to obedience school.

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  1. Puppies are not vengeful or manipulative.
    Puppies are vulnerable and they are babies.
    He’s urinating in the crate when you leave because he’s afraid to be alone. If he urinates when you scold him it’s because he’s terrified of you. It’s called “submissive urination.”
    Read this:…
    Then read the rest of the site. It’s a great site.

  2. when he pees you have to scold him. he’s not doing it to be vengeful however if he doesn’t learn early it can become a problem. when he goes potty out side you should give him a cookie to show him the different reactions between the two. he is young and wants to have your attention even if its bad, hes impressionable and will pick it up quickly.
    he is probably just settling down and getting use to the new environment.
    good luck with the little cutieeee!

  3. I remember training my dog. Dogs need a pack leader. If they feel you aren’t in control, they feel like they need to be. Make sure when you go inside or outside, you go first, and you dog always follows. When your walking your dog, make sure it’s not out in front of you, but either next to you or behind you. I’m not quite sure how to fix the peeing in the crate thing. I taught my dog to ring a bell when he has to “go outside”, and he caught on pretty fast.

  4. yes puppys need lots of love but you need to decide when its time to play and not your puppy. if you teach him that early on then they will grow up to be a good dog

  5. When he tries to do something you don’t want him to do just stand up and be taller than he/she is..

  6. Your dog is not peeing in his crate as a way to get back at you or as a way of controlling you; dogs do not have the ability to think in that capacity.
    If a crate is sized correctly (ie: only big enough for the puppy to lay down stretched out, stand up without bumping his head, and turn around) then almost all dogs will try with all of their might to not have any accidents in it so that they don’t have to lay in the mess. The exception to this rule is typically pet-store puppies that are used to using the bathroom in their crates.
    If your dog is peeing in the crate when you leave the room, he may have truly needed to use the bathroom and you didn’t get him outside fast enough. A small breed puppy like a papillion may need to use the bathroom every hour, particularly if you are leaving food or water out (which is a bad thing to do for potty training purposes, by the way). If he’s peeing in the crate when you’re yelling at him, it’s possibly his way of showing that he’s submitting to you, which again is common.
    You should probably ask yourself why you’re yelling at him while he’s crated in the first place. Yelling is simply another form of attention to most dogs and if it’s the attention he’s craving, you’re giving into what he wants by doing so.
    My tips:
    ~ Take the puppy outside, on a leash, once an hour while you’re at home. If you have to leave, take the puppy out right before you leave and as soon as you get home.
    ~ Schedule your food and water; do NOT leave it out at all times because your puppy will need to use the bathroom 10-15 minutes after consuming anything and will likely pee in the crate.
    ~ Don’t yell at the dog. What’s the point? Figure out what he wants (attention, playtime, food, etc) and make him earn it by being quiet or doing a command. Yelling at him won’t make him be quiet, by the way. Simply ignore the barking until it stops. It’s hard, but it’ll teach him that barking doesn’t earn him what he wants.
    ~ Stop thinking that the dog is trying to control you. He is not Borg. He will not assimilate you.
    ~ Take him to obedience classes. Puppy school is more about teaching the owner than it is teaching the dog and if you’re desperate enough to ask for advice on the internet, you could probably use the help in person.

  7. How old is he?
    The way you show a dog that you are in control is by being calm and consistent with him. Harder to pull off than it sounds if this is your first pup, but it does work.
    He’s not trying to control you, no. He is anxious. How do you correct him? You may be using to harsh a means for his temperament.
    What sort of potty schedule is he on?
    ETA: If he’s 6 mos old, then the way you are correcting him is too harsh. Too bad you didn’t tell us what that was. What you are describing is fear/anxiety.
    Despite your admonitions not to recommend obedience training for you and your dog, that’s what you need. You have an anxious dog. This will only get worse if it’s not properly handled. Anxious/fearful dogs can easily become biters. So it’s important to get some help in learning new ways to train him.

  8. He doesn’t pee to control you. I don’t care how smart your dog is, he isn’t THAT smart. He’s peeing because his bladder is full. Period. You need to be sure that he has eliminated before you put him in the crate. You need to be sure you aren’t leaving him in there more than three hours if he’s a puppy because he can’t hold it longer than that. They don’t have full bladder control until 4 months. At this point, it has become a habit. Did you get him from the pet store? Pet store puppies are notorious for peeing in their crates because they are so used to living in their excrement in the pet store.
    The way to show your puppy you are in control is…training. The reason I recommend a training class is because you need to learn more than the puppy does. It’s not just about sit, stay, down (commands). It’s learning how to be a good leader. Trainers have years of experience to pull from. A problem like you are having right now with urinating in the crate would be something the trainer would help you solve. They help with mouthing, shyness, chewing. They are available to you 24/7 to help with any needs that arise. There isn’t always one solution that works on every dog. A trainer will have many solutions for you to try.…
    You can find a certified trainer in your area here:
    You should NEVER force submission on your dog/puppy (no holding them down, rolling them over, etc.). This actually shows your dog that you are NOT in control. Submission is always freely offered to the leader (your pup will offer it by sitting, staying, etc. on command). Only LOWER PACK MEMBERS force submission so you will confuse your puppy if you try anything Cesar Milan does. Just training your puppy is enough.
    Here is a great website if you want to get a step up on training class:
    Two more reasons I recommend classes are: 1) socialization and 2) playdates! You need to socialize your pup starting now. Classes will help that. You can also find other puppies with his energy level and play style to have playdates with. It’s much safer than the dog park, but just as effective at wearing your dog out!
    Remember, our dogs are not human. They don’t do things to “get back us” or to “punish us” or “because they’re angry” or “trying to manipulate.” Dogs are very basic creatures and there are very logical, unemotional reasons behind what they do.

  9. the best way to show your puppy wo the boss is is my holding their muzzle shut with one hand while the other holds him in place. no matter how hard he fights don’t let him go until he submits. everytime he gets in trouble repeat this. eventualy he wont fight you at all when you do it. if i even but my finger on the top of my labs snout she wont move a muscle.
    good luck

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