Do You Love Your Dogs Like I Do?

I have recently been receiving hate mail from a user on this board, currently using a name something like Much Inferior or something like that 😛 calling me names because I show my dogs love. This person thinks that anyone that LOVES their dogs is weak minded. Here is an exert from my latest hate mail:
You are INCOMPETENT to judge the truth & your pitiful attempts at preventing others from seeing are truly pathetic & sad.Just because you need the facts minced into mush,soaked in syrup & spoon-fed,doesn’t mean you can force your pablum on the rest of humankind.
This because I love my dogs.
I do not let them run wild. They are well trained and ne is a show dog. They are well cared for, eat better quality food than I do, and are a delight to be around. My vet always has nothing but good things to say about their behavior and health. They know their boundaries; misbehavior is dealt with appropriately.
I do not force them to wear clothes, nor do I carry the Papillons around in a purse. They do sleep in bed with me.
I give them hugs and kisses and they make me smile. I tell them I love them often, and show them even MORE often.
So I ask…Do you love your dogs in the same way? If not, what do you do differently?
In my opinion, anyone that doesn’t LOVE their dog doesn’t need to have one. Find another hobby. You don’t have to CODDLE them… I don’t… but I darned sure LOVE them.

16 thoughts on “Do You Love Your Dogs Like I Do?”

  1. To your hate e-mailer. I LOVE MY DOGS>>>A LOT. My dogs are very important to me. They are truly your only best friend. And I have alot of friends. They do not judge me for what I say, or what I wear…or blah, blah, blah. I do not get yelled at or called names. They love me for me. My dogs also eat better than me, and I have no regrets. I love talking dogs, all day everyday. I have a lot of people tell me my dogs are cute, and well taken care of…and I am very proud of that fact. My dogs love people just like me. They make me get up in the mornings, and go to bed with a smile, even though my life has been nothing but painful, and stressed filled. I kiss my dogs, and also talk to them all the time. And guess what? They tilt their little ears..well kinda pointed ears and listen to what I am saying. They smile, and I smile back. They bring such joy to my life sometimes I cry, and do I care what others think…HECK NO. Don’t let this person make you second guess your thoughts. They have bigger issues than any of us have..or maybe jealous. It is a sad world out there, and that is why I have dogs. They make it easier to cope. Bless you for loving your pets like I do, and carry on, and keep on kissing them, and hope you get some good licks back.
    Dogs rule, and people wish they did.

  2. If your dogs are well balanced and have no big problems then carry on loving your dogs like you always have.
    I have a 2 big gsd`s and the male is very cocky and Macho but I still plant big sloppy kisses on him as i love him more than anything in the world. He knows i am pack leader though and that is the most important thing. Dogs need affection just like we do but also need strong leadership and its not so hard to combine the two. So ignore your hate mail and don`t let the moron get to you.

  3. Yes I do everything you said, except let my dogs sleep on the bed. They have their own beds in the bathroom.
    Mine are well cared for, fed twice everyday, receive attention in the form of hugs, pats, rubs, scratches, are allowed inside etc.
    They are also well trained too! But I treat them as dogs, not human baby substitutes.

  4. I love my dogs. Do I let them get away with murder? Nope, they are well behaved because I demand it. Do I treat them like children? Nope I treat my children like children. BUt none of that means I don’t love my dogs.
    Tell your hate mailer to stuff it and then block them. They can’t email you if their blocked.

  5. Yes, I love my dog that much!
    BTW if you block them, you can still see their answers, just not their questions.

  6. Don’t respond to them, or their questions or answers. All they want is attention, and they are trolls.
    And yes, I love my dogs.

  7. Sounds like a poster that’s here in the morning. He/she has had several names. It was MEAN & NASTY, but I’m sure it’s account was suspended so is now under another name. The name illudes me at the moment. Not positive this is who it is, but it sure sounds like something that it would post. You can block them from answering you and you should also lodge a complaint with YA’s each time it responds to you in a nasty way.
    I do love my dogs the same. They are Border Collies who are of working lines and trial in USBCHA trials. They are of excellent lines, the last dog we got was from our trainer, a Canadian National Champion. I don’t care for dog shows, but for each his own, and if that’s what you like to do, I say DO IT!

  8. I’ve loved all of my pets.
    My dog and I used to sleep in the same bed, normally under the covers. He wanted a cuddle, he wanted his buddy, he got her. 🙂
    My cat sleeps on my back while I’m asleep at night now, as we don’t have my boy any more. She usually wakes me up every morning around six by kissing my face.
    My other cat sleeps with my mum and dad because she is my “dad’s cat”.
    And my hamster ends up with a gift or a treat pretty much every time I go to petsmart. He is out for hours of the day with me and he gets lots of cuddles and kisses.
    And I’m not ashamed of any of that. My animals are allowed to be animals – our dogs have always been exercised well, been taken on long walks, and played with every day. They were all brilliantly well trained and well socialised. My cats are house cats but are allowed out to explore and to hunt. They’re all very streetwise and in all 19 years of pet ownership we’ve never had one lost or hit by a car. As for my hammy… Well he’s my baby. He was born the day my dog passed, I think that that is some of the reason why he gets all the love at the moment.
    So yes, my animals know I love them, and they love me back. And it’s bloody lovely to hear of people who are the same. I never get the “it’s just a dog” people – why bother having pets if you don’t love them? It just baffles me.
    So yes, showing some pet love and glad someone else treats their animals like their family. 🙂
    Emilie, I love your dog too. He is LOVELY 😀

    Yep. Me thinks me loves me dog.
    How could you not love this face in everyway, shape and form?…
    Seriously don’t worry about them. They just do it because they’re miserable with their lives.
    And they’re jealous because we all love you 🙂
    Toby is spoiled man, he has his own bowl with his name on it, and gets all these cute bandanas and collars, and he gets people food, he’s kissed, he’s said goodnight to everynight. 🙂 it’s what loving owners do.

  10. Some people have NO life… They come on here, offering ‘advice’ (although that is stretching it) to other people.
    They sound so pissed off at all the ‘stupidity’ etc, but yet they insist on coming back?
    Do they have some sort of severe personality flaw that makes them incredibly masochistic??
    People who come on and bash people for the sake of it like that, fall into one of two catagories – need to get a life, or, they are so amazingly insecure that it is the only way they can pump themselves up.
    In the case of that person – i think it is a mixture of both.
    For all their ‘experience’, they sure do talk a load of horse manure. I have never actually heard any ‘advice’.
    Maybe a rock will fall on them one of these days…
    Oh i forgot…. yes i do love my dogs. Even though they’re outside dogs and get fed pedigree……

  11. I don’t think anyone has the right to force their point of view down the throat of other people. A mature & reasonable person respects the right of someone else to hold a different point of view & can express their firmly held opinion without being rude.
    My Dobermanns have been clearly taught what behaviour is expected from them & know that I am in control of every aspect of their lives. An obedience trained Dobermann, able to respect its pack leader will think that person is the centre of their universe…..a bratty untrained Dobermann would be pure hell to live with!
    I do allow them privileges like sitting on the soft {where Tori is currently snoozing} & to occasionally sleep on the bed.
    They are not fur babies, they are my dogs & an extended part of the family. I don’t treat them like kids or expect them to behave or think like a kid.
    Do I love them?
    Unequivocally yes, but I also demand good behaviour.

  12. I love my dogs! and the dynamics of my 3 together make me laugh everyday! and the dogs Ive owned over the years that have passed have all added something great to my life.
    My dogs are obedient and socialized which makes owning them a joy. They don’t usually sleep in my bed as I move a lot at night but we do nap together. I walk them everyday for at least a combined 2 hours and it never gets to be a chore…I genuinely LOVE spending time with them.
    Im very proud of my dogs.They are great examples of how toy dogs should behave( loyal,sweet,spunky and oh so cute!ha)…Ive had many people say that they cant stand toy dogs because of the various stereotypes but when they meet mine they fall in love.
    I do put coats and sweaters on them but it is purely functional…though I do have 2 funny shirts that say”didn’t you know that terrier means terror!” how could i not buy that for my 2 yorkshire terriers!? But they are not forced to wear a coat,if they tried to bite it off or if it made them walk funny then I wouldn’t make them wear it…but in rainy Seattle I find that they enjoy walks in the rain a lot more…I mean even in a lite drizzle soaks them and they shiver so they need some protection.
    No purses but my mom uses one as she has a senior puppy mill rescue dog who cant walk around too much but she still likes to experience the world…so I dont judge when it comes to that…though dogs are NOT fashion statements. That makes me sick when I see that.
    I see nothing wrong with showing dogs.I find a lot of crazy people on this board but the ignorance makes me laugh so I appreciate the difference of opinion.
    Any caring normal person has love for their dog(s) and the dog(s) loves back…that persons missing out that’s 4sure.

  13. Absolutely.
    Pretty much everything you wrote applies to me. My dogs are one of the best things in my (I do have others). They make me smile, laugh and I tell them I love them all the time. Like yours, mine are well trained.
    I also treat them as dogs (as I believe you do), and realize they are such. I don’t feel they are people in fur coats. I absolutely do not antropormorphize them. They have rules and boundaries.
    As for your answers, you are one of those answerers on here that I respect (I didn’t answer those favorite answerer questions). I don’t know what your answer was that set them off, but I have seen some really great answers from you .

  14. Haha, I’m blocked by this person also. In fact, they recently got a new account and I’m blocked on *that*, despite the fact that I haven’t run into them recently–they must really hate me!
    Anyway, yes, I love my dogs. I give them kisses (they know the command “give me a kiss”), I take them on walks where they want to go (the lake)–I even let my Aussie ride on my lap when I’m not driving. I know them by bark, would know them in the dark (rhymes :P) and I think it really strengthens the bond.

  15. Yes, I love my dog more than anything!
    He’s pretty well trained and good in public (he’s pretty shy, but hey, so am I.) Good health..
    I don’t coddle him, BUT some days I can’t help but just pick him up and love him and give him kisses and treats for no reason :]
    I don’t do anything differently from you really. And I agree with you, anyone who doesn’t LOVE their dog shouldn’t have one. The person messaging you is just ignorant.
    It’s crazy how much you can love an animal, isn’t it?

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