Papillon Training Success Video!

This Papillon training video shows 6 month old Patches going through her paces.

You will see her sit, stand, back up, turn around, get down, roll over, stand up and walk, crawl, turn around, head down, take a bow, walk around me, & play dead.

If you would like a Papillon like Patches click here.

More Papillon Training And Teaching A Paw Shake

Papillon training can be a lot of fun for both you and your little friend.  Dogs love to learn and please you and having control over your pooch and spending time with him will make you very happy.  Therefore, don’t limit your lessons to a few commands when there are many tricks and activities you can teach your pup, such as a paw shake.

Teaching your small canine to shake paw, also known as “give paw”, is usually a common part of papillon training because it is easy for your pal to learn and is often a favorite among owners and those excited to trade a treat for a trick.  Furthermore, providing your buddy with this particular education will also serve as the foundation for Continue reading More Papillon Training And Teaching A Paw Shake