Anybody Own A Papillon Or Pomeranian? Are They Yappy, Or Does It Just Depend?

Im looking for a small-ish dog, and not yappy, if possible. I have a Welsh Corgi, and shes great. But I kinda want to get a Papillon or a Pomeranian. Some people say they are yappy, some say they arent. Does it just depend on the dog, and how they are trained?

7 thoughts on “Anybody Own A Papillon Or Pomeranian? Are They Yappy, Or Does It Just Depend?”

  1. It depends. My papillons vary a lot. Rose never ever barks. Beau, Summer, and Bernard all bark a lot. Bernard is not ‘yappy’ though, because he bays like a hound dog. Summer yaps and it’s high pitched and annoying. But they’re lovely smart dogs and teaching them not to bark too much is easy. That and I grew up with shelties who are probably the most yappy breed ever so they don’t seem so bad.
    Paps have a lot of good points too. Loving, brilliant., athletic, beautiful, and I could go on and on. I don’t think the yappiness makes or breaks this breed generally. They can be barkers but you can train them not to.

  2. It depends on the dog, but these two breeds are both more likely to be barkers than some other breeds. In my experience, pomeranians are yappier than papillons, but this is not always the case.
    With either breed, there is the chance that they are yappy, but if raised properly, not encouraged to bark and given something aversive when they do bark (a squirt of water from a waterbottle), you may be able to keep your dog quieter.

  3. I have 2 poms and neither one is yappy. I never used any aversion with them. I just gently let them know when it was or was not acceptable to bark.
    Every pom that I know that has been trained is not a yapper. The ones that have not been socialized or trained are.

  4. I have a 6 month old Pom. she yaps at EVERYTHING. I always heard they were yappers but I think it depends on the dog. When she begins to bark alot I get the spray bottle out. That stops her. You just need to train them then chances are you can stop it before it gets bad.

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