Adult Dog Needs To Be Re-potty Trained… Help!?

I have a two and a half year old papillon. I recently moved back in with my parents. Ever since we moved in their home she wont stop going to the bathroom in the house. At my house she was fine and always went out side. But now no matter how many times we let her out side she still goes in. She will come in from out side and then with in minuets go in the house. At my parents house she has a much bigger back yard, and often likes to go out side. Any suggestions? Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Adult Dog Needs To Be Re-potty Trained… Help!?”

  1. You took her out of her environment that she knows and put her in another one. If she wasn’t crate trained as a pup, you can’t do it to her now. Give her time to adjust, give her lots of attention and praise. Take her out every hour…etc. good luck

  2. Hi , I recently had to do this to my Pommeranian…. she was mad at me for taking her out of her environment. Sounds to me your dog is mad also…..just praise and love her and taking her out every hour on the hour would n’t hurt. good luck

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